Watch John Oliver Beg Donald Trump to Quit the Election

Tuesday, 23 Aug, 2016

The rococo insult du jour on Sunday's Last Week Tonight was that he's "a racist voodoo doll made of discarded cat hair", an insult Oliver launched before going into a segment about why Trump should quit.

"Some have an attendance system you would not f*cking believe", Oliver said.

As many of you are aware, Donald Trump has always been known to call others losers.

Oliver argued that the celebrity businessman and former Atlantic City casino mogul could say his campaign was simply meant to "expose the flaws" in America's political system. "Then he actually has to run the country", he said.

Nearly three million students attend the 6,700 charter schools in the United States, TIME reported.

I hope a supercut of all of John Oliver's florid Trump insults is in the works.

Oliver even found a guide to help Trump drop out ― right down to the final speech ― and shared it, with a little help from comedian Will Arnett.

The show then dives into several major issues dogging the charter sector, including sudden school closures, self-dealing among school founders, financial mismanagement, and inflating enrollment numbers for financial gain.

Lochte's antics in Rio seemed dumb to me, but I had no idea that the real guy was so Jeff Spicoli. "When you put it like that, I feel like she has a learned a lot from Oprah". America must be in really bad shape if you elected me president.

As John Oliver explained on Last Week Tonight, Trump could become president-a job he doesn't want-or he could lose to Hillary Clinton-something he also doesn't want.

"The problem with letting the free market decide when it comes to kids", Oliver says, "is that kids change faster than the market".

The speech said, in part: "Are you out of your minds?" But more than anything, Oliver said, Trump "exposed the flaws in us": the voters.