Donald Trump Takes The Lead Again — UPI/CVoter poll

Воскресенье, 28 Авг, 2016

"I am reaching out to everyone, Republicans, Democrats, independents, everyone who is as troubled as I am by the bigotry and divisiveness of Donald Trump's campaign", she told MSNBC, adding she was asking "fair-minded Americans to repudiate this kind of divisive demagoguery" at the November 8 election.

Trump, who also met Thursday in NY with members of a new Republican Party initiative meant to train young - and largely minority - volunteers, has been working to win over blacks and Latinos in light of his past inflammatory comments and has been claiming that the Democrats have taken minority voters' support for granted.

On the opposite side, 66 percent of Clinton supporters describe Trump that way.

Trump tweeted Friday: “How quickly people forget that Crooked Hillary called African-American youth “SUPER PREDATORS” - Has she apologized?”.

Trump rejected Clinton's allegations, defending his hard-line approach to immigration while making the case that she was trying to distract from questions swirling around donations to The Clinton Foundation and her use of her private email servers.

Trump is meeting with Hispanic business owners in Las Vegas as a part of his weeklong outreach to minority voters - a group Trump said Clinton and the Democrats have abandoned.

The Democratic presidential nominee, in an interview with MSNBC's "Morning Joe", defended the Clinton Foundation, saying the charitable work it has conducted has changed lives for the better and is in keeping with American values.

The online poll shows Trump with 48.29 percent to Clinton's 47.59. The AP's lawyers asked the department late Friday to hasten its efforts and provide all of her minute-by-minute schedules by October 15.

This "extraordinary" finding, as the AP put it, was deemed less extraordinary by other journalists and pundits who noted that Clinton had held thousands of meetings with government employees, foreign representatives, civil leaders, journalists and others while Secretary of State that were not accounted for in the AP's report. He also said he would step down from its board and would no longer raise money for the organization.

"We're going to make sure we don't undermine the excellence and the results", she says.

Asked why the foundation didn't simply turn over its programs to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or some other charity, she said it was now looking for partners. "I believe he will fail".

Is the Clinton Foundation a problem for Clinton?

Saturday's briefing was Clinton's first since becoming her party's nominee and she did not receive it with any aides present, her campaign said.

Most concerning, the man who is viewed as coining the term "alternative right", Richard Spencer, said, in a tweet, that the alt-right was now "the right wing".

"I hear him not talking to black people, but talking to white people about black people so they will think he cares about black people", former Atlanta newspaper publisher Alexis Scott told The New York Times in a story published on Wednesday.

"Come on, Hillary", he wrote.

Speaking of Hillary pandering to Republicans, via the Daily Rushbo, listen below to Rush Limbaugh claiming this afternoon that her speech on the alt-right was an appeal to moderate Republicans and #NeverTrumpers to abandon him.

Mrs. Clinton also took a few swipes at what she characterised as her opponent's unpresidential temperament.

Mr. Trump's link to the group is through his new campaign chief executive, Mr. Steve Bannon, former head of right-wing news website, which is seen as a platform for the group. And, 67 percent said undocumented immigrants are no more likely than citizens to commit serious crimes. White supremacists now call themselves "white nationalists".

Trump then gave a speech that tried to flip the script and say Clinton was calling Americans racist. This week, some expressed disappointment that Trump appeared to be softening his tone on deporting people who are in the country illegally.