Trump's doctor says he wrote note in five minutes

Sunday, 28 Aug, 2016

Despite Trump's steady diet of fast food and old age (if elected, the 70-year-old would be America's oldest president) Bornstein penned a letter stating that Trump's health is "astonishingly excellent".

Donald Trump's physician said Friday that he typed a letter on the Republican candidate's health in only five minutes while a limousine sent by the developer waited outside his office in New York City. "You guys are all talking about the letter and totally missed the fact that Trump's doctor still uses *Windows XP*!" "He thinks he's the best, which works out just fine", said Bornstein, who is board-certified in gastroenterology and internal medicine and is affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital.

But during his Tuesday broadcast, CNN host Don Lemon and his panel insisted that talk of Hillary's health was little else but "conspiracy theories" and that the letter issued by her physician is all Americans need to feel assured that she is at the peak of health.

At the time, the Associated Press described the four-paragraph document, authored by Dr. Harold Bornstein, as "sparse on details and written in similar language to that used by Trump himself".

Asked if he had been asked by Trump to write in Trumpian prose, he said: "I think I probably picked up his kind of language and then just interpreted it to my own". We can certainly hope the bloke isn't as "temperamentally unfit" as rival's campaign claims, 'cause Trump now has a still-too-large likelihood of becoming leader of the USA.

Bornstein also lauded Trump's mental health.

The letter also says that Trump's blood pressure and lab results were "astonishingly excellent" and that "h$3 is physical strength and stamina are extraordinary".

At the same time, he acknowledged he dashed off the letter while a limo was waiting outside his Manhattan office to pick it up. When the news teases an interview with Donald Trump's doctor, no one wants Marcus Welby walking through the door.

"I like Donald Trump because I think he likes me", he says.

"I want my health information to be accurate, I want the information I write about someone else to be accurate, and I guess we all wonder, if this part's inaccurate, what else is inaccurate, too?" she said.

Trump's clean bill of health was back in the spotlight in recent days after he and his allies continue to raise suspicions over Hillary Clinton's health.