United States presidential poll: Trump up two points over Clinton

Понедельник, 12 Сен, 2016

Her campaign says she'll keep talking about national security issues and how Donald Trump lacks the temperament to be commander in chief.

"We believe that such a change can only be made by someone who has not been deeply involved with, and substantially responsible for, the hollowing out of our military and the burgeoning threats facing our country around the world", the military leaders wrote.

The appearances mark an intense, two-day focus on national security by Trump, who has offered tough rhetoric on the nation's challenges overseas but few details. While she's articulated an anti-Islamic State plan that is more aggressive than Obama's, she's largely in line with the president on foreign policy. But some preference polls released this past week, including in one state where Clinton has previously held an advantage, suggest the race may be tightening. Clinton was repeatedly challenged on her controversial email use at the State Department and her vote as a senator for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Bill Clinton's middle-class economic appeal defined the 1992 election, and Barack Obama's vision of 2008 as a fundamental transformation of the economy helped him defeat John McCain. Max Cleland, a triple-amputee who served in Vietnam, also keys on Trump's assertion that he has sacrificed a lot compared to families who have lost loved ones in conflict. Democrats are also confident that if Clinton wins in some of the most contested state such as New Hampshire, North Carolina and Nevada, she'll bring along the party's Senate candidates.

The airplanes of Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence, were parked on the tarmac as Clinton and her vice presidential pick, Tim Kaine, arrived in separate planes.

Clinton's second "Stronger Together" speech will be in California on Tuesday, Palmieri said.

"If the ground swell materializes for him, it will have to be organic", Wilson said.

According to figures provided to NPR by a Republican source tracking ad buys, the GOP presidential nominee is on pace to be heavily outspent in seven presidential and Senate battlegrounds by $127 million to $18 million.

"I don't choke", Trump told ABC News.

"I don't know how I got so old", he said. Peña Nieto recalled differently, saying he stated at the top of the discussion that Mexico would not be paying for any such wall. Political independents tilt toward seeing Trump's tactics as a necessary shake-up, 52% to the 47% who see his style as unnecessarily risky.

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United States presidential poll: Trump up two points over Clinton

Asked to square his request for military options with his harsh criticism of the current crop of generals, Trump said simply: "They'll probably be different generals".

Michelle Obama is preparing for her first campaign appearance for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, a former secretary of state and a former first lady, has drawn criticism for not holding regular press conferences. The location was not announced.

Johnson and Stein supporters are young. She also fleshed out several national security priorities if she is elected, including trying to take out the leader of the Islamic State and vowing to defeat the extremist group without putting US troops on the ground in Iraq or Syria.

Clinton's public event was scheduled for midday Thursday at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday expressed concern about "credible reports" of Russian interference in the USA election and accused Donald Trump of being fixated on dictators including Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Trump, the Republican nominee, is set to campaign in Virginia and North Carolina on Tuesday, two critical states in his path to the presidency.

Florida might go either way this year but there are signs within the poll that are good news for Democrats' long term prospects in the state.

Monmouth's national poll later in August, the 29th, showed Clinton had dropped 4 points to 46 percent, but Trump's number had only grown by 2 points to 39 percent.