McLaren retailers to offer pure electric P1

Sunday, 09 Oct, 2016

Before you sprint to your nearest dealership, please make sure that your age is between three and six, as that's the target audience for this new electric roadster.

It would appear that with its latest offering, McLaren has taken recent surveys regarding the next generation of drivers and their willingness to get behind the wheel of an electric auto quite literally.

McLaren is now offering a pure electric model of its plug-in hybrid supercar, P1, albeit to customers under the age of 6. Yep this fully electric McLaren P1 will be available in October with Aussie pricing still to come. It offers a top-speed of almost 5Km/h and can complete the zero to maximum speed dash in two seconds. Be it the air vents below the headlamps or McLaren's signature dihedral doors, this mini P1 looks lovely. Despite being a toy, the auto has the main feature you would expect on a McLaren automobile namely those awesome dihedral doors.

Secondly, unlike owners of the £866,000 P1, the drivers of the EV will be able to experience open-air driving, thanks to it being a ride-on vehicle (although the design still retains McLaren's signature dihedral doors). The one thing the vehicle doesn't feature is McLaren's color combination as the toy EV only comes in one color-Volcano Yellow.

Set to go on sale globally from selected McLaren Automotive retailers from the end of October, the ride-on P1 is priced at £375 ($635) in the United Kingdom, with a local McLaren spokesperson telling CarAdvice, "Australian pricing has not yet been announced". US$490). It will later roll into global toy retailers.