Rob Kardashian No Longer Has Type 2 Diabetes

Monday, 10 Oct, 2016

According to the episode synopsis, "Rob Kardashian deletes his social media and blocks Blac Chyna from his phone after she acts less than supportive of his efforts to put his life back on track".

After picking up some fast food, Rob's waffle fries accidentally fall, leading the couple to get into yet another heated argument.

"You gotta choose one". "Either or, what's more important?" "Can't you see I'm bout to go down?!"

InTouch Weekly reports that Rob is "faking" the relationship to get a $2 million salary for their spinoff "Rob & Chyna" which may not be renewed for a second season due to his reclusive nature. Chyna exclaims. "I didn't see that s**t falling". "You aren't gonna help out?" he responds. French fries. That's right, Rob and Chyna are having a throwdown in the auto over Chyna spilling some french fries.

In addition to the good news about the diabetes, Blac Chyna, who is expecting the couple's first child together, wanted to know if having a baby was also good news and confronted her beau on the show.

"You all just kinda pissed me off on Sunday", Rob tells Kris. "I'm just sick and exhausted of him, like, playing me".

In a new promo for their reality show, Rob & Chyna, the pair are fighting (surprise, surprise.) But, what are they fighting about?

Rob Kardashian has some big news for fiancée Blac Chyna, though she seems a little bit nervous about it.

"I'm sure if I found a house that you liked, you would be all good", Rob insists. But she quickly rallied and shared another clip rapping along to a song while Rob looked on smiling.