Trump Threatens to Skip Remaining Debates If Hillary Is There

Tuesday, 11 Oct, 2016

Eric Trump says it took his father a lot of "courage" to not bring up Bill Clinton's extramarital affairs during Monday's presidential debate. So now that it's over, what was the impact?

In contrast, the senator said Trump - whom he's criticized sharply since running against the NY businessman in this year's primary - missed opportunities to score points against Clinton during their Hofstra University forum. But, she added, "I also think there remains a significant number of young Sanders supporters who are disaffected and are supporting neither Trump nor Hillary".

The results are not scientific.

A majority of voters in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia all told Public Policy Polling that Clinton got the better of Trump in their first showdown. According to Morning Consult, 49% of registered voters believed the Democratic presidential nominee won the debate, compared with just 26% who said Trump won the debate.

To paint a picture of how bad Trump's performance was, even a poll issued by his pro-Trump news site Breitbart had him losing to Clinton by five points (48-43) - but at least the business mogul was victorious in the alternate reality, he lives in!

During the interview with Cosmopolitan, Clinton also weighed in on her mom's pneumonia diagnosis earlier this month.

That means they don't simply lump voters into groups like "voting for Trump", "voting for Clinton", "voting for Stein" and "undecided".

"I get anxious when I hear somebody like Donald Trump start saying, 'Well, I don't necessarily know whether Japan or Korea should be protected by us", Obama said.

"I had to put up with the anchor and fight the anchor all the time on everything I said", Trump said of the debate's moderator, Lester Holt, at a rally in Bedford, New Hampshire.

Stein lost a point Thursday to end up at 2 percent.

Asked how he felt about the debate on the television news programme Fox and Friends, Trump said it had gone well, but complained that the moderator Lester Holt had not pressed Clinton on her "scandals".

The poll is a non-probability survey based on more than 400 likely voters responding online each day.

"I have no idea what he'll say the next time", she said, referring to the second debate on October 9.