Saturday, 15 Oct, 2016

And you know, for instance, if somebody's sitting next to you in a first-class section of the airplane, there are stewardesses, there are other people around. Carson's answer? It doesn't matter.

An MSNBC panel of liberals ganged up on former GOP candidate, Ben Carson, but the doctor was no shrinking violet and struck back hard.

"It doesn't matter whether they're lying or not... what matters is that the train is going off the cliff". "Yes, and the conductor needs to make a decision".

"Hillary Clinton should be able to explain why she wants to raise taxes and Donald Trump should be able to explain why he wants to lower taxes". Carson called the reliability of the research into question. "Listen, listen, listen. Would you - would you listen for a moment?" "But let's throw the economists out and let's use common sense".

"Do you think Judeo-Christian values apply during campaigns or only after campaigns?" host Joe Scarbrough asked him.

In the Theater of the Absurd that is the 2016 election, Ben Carson has been perfectly cast. On a local radio on Wednesday, Trump supporter Carl Paladino said Trump was just "showing his sexual prowess".

Kay noted an existing viewpoint that listening to economic experts is somehow misguided, and questioned whether listening to them may "not be such a bad idea".

But when Joe Scarborough and Katty Kay challenged him, he quickly crumbled.

Namely: Are you saying these women are all liars? Carson called Trump's vulgar comments about women "unacceptable, especially by someone who aspires to higher office".

Scarborough closed the interview and spent the rest of the segment lamenting why Carson would respond the way he did to what he throught was a simple, yes or no question.

"Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop" Carson repeated as he and Kay talked over each other.

"No", Scarborough said. "No!"

"Do you believe your network is unbiased?"

Denying accusations is perhaps to be expected, but Carson's request to turn off a female reporter's microphone is deeply concerning to many.

As Kay told Carson, these are precisely the reasons women don't come forward with sexual assault accusations: because most often they are accused of lying, exaggerating or are punished for speaking out. "It's like hitting against a brick wall". The war of words that erupted after likely had Democrats and Republicans alike glued to the screen.

"Get it through your thick skulls!" he told the show's hosts and correspondents.

"I don't believe any network unbiased" responded Joe.

Nobody's trying to paint you as a bad guy, we just want an answer.

That is until Carson asked that Kay's microphone be turned off.

The endorsement is one thing, but completely dismissing crucial conversations and issues in our country is another. That's when it all went off the rails. She referred specifically to Carson's aspirations of becoming the Republican nominee during the primaries and how he hadn't been involved in such scandals. He smiles and laughs after saying it but Scarborough appears offended. "No".