Korea fires another missile in five days, ends in failure

Saturday, 22 Oct, 2016

"I'm not sure North Korea sees our politics as being all that important for them".

She said the us should work "very closely and privately with China" to rein in the North. Democrat Hillary Clinton wants the world to intensify sanctions as the Obama administration did with Iran, a course that eventually opened the way for a deal to contain its nuclear program.

US Secretary of State John Kerry stressing that any use of nuclear weapons by the North would be "met with an effective and overwhelming response". Economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation have failed to halt its progress. "This includes our commitment to provide extended deterrence, guaranteed by the full spectrum of US defense capabilities", Carter added.

Republican Donald Trump says the USA can put more pressure on China to rein in its unpredictable North Korean ally.

The U.S. Strategic command said it detected the missile, which may have been a Musudan intermediate-range projectile, at 6:00 p.m. ET Wednesday, or around 6:30 a.m. Pyongyang time Thursday.

North Korean leader Kim Jung Un in an undated photo released by KCNA.

"They have acted like North Korea's lawyer at the UN Security Council by obstructing more robust global sanctions, denying evidence of North Korean provocations, watering down stronger UN resolutions, and insisting on loopholes", Klingner added.

Unlike Iran, North Korea already has the bomb.

"They're developing in nuclear weapon and nuclear missile policy that will be able to strike the USA at some point unless you can stop the program", Tokola said.

North Korea's nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches, including a failed one last night, threaten the stability of the Korean Peninsula and the broader region, Carter said.

Reports state that the trial launch of the missile came just a few hours before the final U.S. presidential debate, suggesting the challenges the next USA president will have to face. It could take several more years to ideal that missile, which can be moved by road, making it harder to destroy pre-emptively.

Kerry said that the USA will deploy an advanced anti-missile system to South Korea "as soon as possible" in the face of hostility from the north. "South Korea strongly condemns the launch as it's a serious threat to peace and security on the Korean peninsula and in the global community".

North Korea would continue to launch satellites despite its rival South's objections, the space agency of the country said in a statement.

There have been five sets of United Nations sanctions since it carried out its first nuclear test in 2006, with the Security Council adopting the toughest sanctions against North Korea since it carried out its fourth test in January. The allies will expand the scope and execution of the ROK-U.S. naval training events, including combined ballistic missile defense and anti-submarine exercises.

Pyongyang has so far tested the Musudan ballistic missile eight times with only the launch in June succeeding.