NY polls: 2016 election projections for NY

Saturday, 22 Oct, 2016

Louisville Congressman John Yarmuth said he's anxious about violence at polling places after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's claims that the election is rigged in favor of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

I have full confidence she will make steps on election night to try and bring the country together and speak to our best instincts; regrettably, I am nearly equally certain that her message will fall flat with partisans who opposed her.

The data that is available represents a small sample of the more than 120 million people who will cast ballots in the presidential election, but a notable one. Crapo has lost the county GOP's respect, feel he is no longer worthy of the title of Republican, and with his action - against the wishes of the Republican Party that has chosen Trump as the nominee - has relinquished his right to be associated with the party. At this point, the candidates aren't saying anything new.

She also reportedly said, "You do not keep American democracy in suspense". For Schumer, only 21 percent of Clinton supporters oppose him being selected as the Senate Democratic leader. "Why should he have to debate them, as well", Stansbury said. If you have that, you do not need a photo ID.

And in Nevada, which also began absentee voting this week, overall ballot requests and returns were down. The YouGov poll had some interesting points concerning Ryan, Trump, and the brewing tensions that seem bound to erupt in civil war once this election is over.

Maria Peck De Acosta posted: "Policy?" He quoted her directly when he read her statement that unless the election results are certified, Donald Trump will not accept the election results.

"I don't want to be knocking Paul Ryan ..."

Just to be clear, even if there isn't some new version of the tea party shouting outside the Capitol building, congressional Republicans will still be fighting Clinton's administration tooth and nail. My candidate was not allowed to participate due to the insane rules governing admittance.

Meng was also critical of her own party and the Democratic National Committee, of which she is one of five vice chairpersons. "How can a candidate reach any arbitrary poll level when they are barely mentioned in the poll?".

The polls do not reflect voter reaction to Wednesday night's third and final debate between Trump and Clinton.

For now, he looks forward to a "40-something generation of rising Republican leaders", like Paul Ryan, whose vice-presidential campaign he served in 2012.

Kyle Kondik, a professional campaign and election expert with no political bias, believes, that Trump's recent slide in the polls puts him too far behind in Electoral College votes to catch up by Election Day. But he essentially dropped the first-time candidate and wealthy businessman earlier this month, following the release of a 2005 audiotape in which Trump is heard boasting about kissing and groping women without invitation. "I'm very anxious there could be violence after this, I'm anxious about violence at the polls".