Latest 'Jack Reacher' is mediocre, say critics

Sunday, 23 Oct, 2016

Sure, Tom Cruise might be a wackjob with his whole Scientology thing, but let's be clear - he's been in a crap load of good movies and played some of film's most memorable roles. This news story is related to Latest/158794-Tom-Cruise-brings-action-packed-Jack-Reacher-sequel-to-London/ - breaking news, latest news, pakistan ne.

Corden and Cruise made the ideal tribute to the hunk actor's film career with the aid of a blue screen, an army of props and fantastic acting chops.

The trip down memory lane then concluded with a performance of Cruise's iconic dancing scene from Risky Business. Jerry Maguire also earned special treatment; as Cruise and Corden shouted their way through the "show me the money" scene, Cuba Gooding Jr. made a cameo to critique Corden's approach. Cruise spoke to us about his relationship with Jack Reacher, the only role he has ever revisited aside from Mission: Impossible's Ethan Hunt, and he revealed to us what first attracted him to Reacher's world. Tom Cruise starred in so many movies that this bit is a high speed trip through countless scenes. It was hysterical watching James and Tom throw on costumes and tear them off, grab props from off stage and throw them back, and have the scenery change behind them faster than you can say Born on the Fourth of July.

We've seen the film and we can report that it's not going to disappoint Cruise fans.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back has been directed by Edward Zwick who worked with Cruise on 2003's The Last Samurai and said that the two had developed a trust and simply "took up where we left off".