United Kingdom may pay $6 billion for European Union trade post-Brexit, report says

Monday, 24 Oct, 2016

Ms May has been under pressure to divulge more of her plans for Britain's exit from the bloc beyond her catchphrase that "Brexit means Brexit", but in a lively session of parliament her government said it had little concrete to give away.

Crucially, Labour's motion debated by MPs on Wednesday, does not echo cross-party calls for a vote on the Brexit plan before Article 50 of the European Union treaties is triggered by the end of March, and is not binding on ministers.

Davis dismissed as a "stunt" a move by Labour to pose 170 questions to the government on the detail of the Brexit plan - one for every day until the end of March, the deadline May has set for triggering Article 50.

"Labour didn't like the result, we are listening to the British people and delivering on that result".

EU Commission President Jean Claude-Juncker and the EU Parliament's chief Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt have both said Britain will not be allowed to retain access to the single market and pull out of the free movement of people.

"The idea that parliament somehow wasn't going to be able to discuss, debate, question. was frankly completely wrong", Ms.

The effect of the amendment will mean that Tory MPs can vote with the Government while simultaneously backing Labour's call without voting for the Opposition motion on its own, if a division is called on Wednesday.

MPs will vote on the motion - although the result will not be binding - and the government is expected to table an amendment adding that the European Union referendum result must be respected and that the government's negotiating strategy should not be undermined. "I am saying we have parliament, scrutiny and then a vote rather than an antiquated power which is secretive and bypasses parliament".

Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, said it was a significant U-turn and Labour would force the government to be accountable over Brexit.

He said ministers had to "show that they actually have a coherent plan, agreed across the government, before they embark on the Article 50 process".

"[Davis] has until now declined to give the House a meaningful role in scrutinising the government's opening terms for negotiation", Starmer said.

It had earlier rallied as much as 1.6 percent, to a high of $1.2326, on a news report that lawmakers would be given the chance to vote on Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit strategy.

"The outcome of a leave vote was clear to everyone, that we would leave the EU".

They challenge the government to say which possible trading models it has ruled out, how it intends to manage European Union migration, whether it will guarantee the rights of European Union citizens now in the United Kingdom and how it will compensate recipients of European Union grants beyond 2020. May is taking Britain towards a "hard Brexit".

The concession does not go as far as specifying that MPs should get a formal vote on article 50 or any Brexit deal and slightly amends Labour's version to say the government's negotiating position must not be undermined.