Donald Trump calls for an investigation into Obama after latest WikiLeaks revelations

Thursday, 27 Oct, 2016

Two days after Mills' email, White House press secretary Josh Earnest acknowledged that Obama had emailed Clinton at her personal address, but said that was consistent with his public remarks.

"But, at the least, she should not be branding and infecting herself with Obama's policy towards Syria and ISIS by offering such high and direct praise for it".

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook expressed concern, saying reinforcing the idea that Clinton and McAuliffe are close "conjures the 90s stuff" - a reference, to Bill Clinton's two turbulent terms in office. "Tell her to say it and move on, why get hung on this".

Newly-public emails prove otherwise.

The Clinton campaign has not confirmed or denied the authenticity of the stream of messages leaked by WikiLeaks but has accused Russian Federation of directing the hack of Podesta's emails in an effort to tilt the election in favor of Republican Donald Trump.

In an interview with Reuters, Trump called the revelation "a big thing".

Donald Trump's ascent in the Republican Party came from his opposition to President Obama, specifically by calling into question Obama's citizenship shortly before the 2012 race.

Six months later, after the Obama administration said it had discovered a chain of emails that Clinton failed to turn over when she provided her work-related correspondence as secretary of state, Podesta appeared anxious about Clinton. McAuliffe is a longtime confidante of and fundraiser for Clinton and was chairman of her unsuccessful 2008 presidential bid.

As you may remember, President Obama claimed to have no knowledge whatsoever of Clinton's illegal email server that jeopardized national security.

"We need to clean this up - he has emails from her - they do not say", Mills apparently wrote in response to a tweet from BuzzFeed's politics editor Katherine Miller regarding Obama's response.

Hillary Clinton commented in an email to her husband that "although our most important constituents wouldn't be happy with a Drumpf victory, I'd really like to see a wall".

The timing of the summit was important because Hillary Clinton's inner circle was planning for the formal launch of her presidential campaign and wanted to clear her schedule of paid speaking engagements and commitments to the foundation, particularly those that could cause political controversy.

CLINTON SUPPORTER 2: We're going to vote right now.

I find it hard to believe that Obama never had to email his secretary of state anything work-related in the four years she served. This sounds like the talk not of staff working for a campaign in a fair and democratic election, but masters plotting to keep their citizenry in line and in the dark. When she writes, "she just can't say no to this s**t" she's talking about Mills.

Obama stayed officially neutral in the primaries until Clinton clinched the nomination in June. "He is caught up now, folks".

CORDES: In Orlando, Trump said the president should be investigated. It hasn't done a whole of good for Trump, who is lagging badly in the polls.