WikiLeaks email PROVES Obama lied about EmailGate

Friday, 28 Oct, 2016

In a December 21, 2015 email, Budowsky slates Clinton's position on fighting ISIS before advising Podesta to draw Putin into her attacks on United States presidential election rival Trump.

Obama had recently said in an interview with CBS News that he'd only found out Clinton was using a private homebrew email server at "the same time everybody else learned it ... through news reports".

"Well, I now see why the president stuck up for Hillary, because he didn't want to be dragged into it".

Turns out though that some of Clinton's most senior and most trusted advisors also quickly grasped why the email server story, which was broken by the New York Times' Michael Schmidt in March 2015, was so problematic for her political aspirations.

A previous WikiLeaks email from Clinton aide Philippe Reines flagged the president's troubling response to CBS News in an exchange with other top Clinton aides.

Tanden, the president of the liberal think tank Center for American Progress, was trading messages with John Podesta, who was at the time preparing to chair Clinton's campaign.

However, he insisted that Obama "was not aware" of the details of Clinton's email account, but added that the president "recognized the email address that he was emailing back to". We could get them to ask for that.

"I guess I know the answer", she wrote in a follow-up.

Hillary Clinton has so far refused to comment on the Wikileaks revelations about her emails. On October 16, Fox News host Brett Baier asked Hillary Clinton's Vice Presidential running mate Tim Kaine about Obama's claim. Podesta wrote. "I'm anxious she'll get on with Cheryl [Mills] and we'll end up in a bad place".

She said Trump was calling for an investigation of the president and played a clip of Trump saying, "This guy, he's as bad as she is, and he's got to stop campaigning and bring us some jobs, okay!"

"It's troubling to see today that the Republican House Homeland Security Chairman Mike McCaul told Donald Trump that Russian Federation is using hacked information to influence the election but Trump refused to accept it", Caplin said. "They wanted to get away with it". "This is a cheryl special", she wrote.

In a separate June 2015 email, the Clinton campaign anxious that some state affiliates of the nation's largest labor union, the National Education Association, were set to endorse Sanders even though the national union had not yet made an endorsement.

This new information further highlights why Clinton email scandal has always been an Obama scandal that goes far beyond the Secretary of State's office and reaches directly into the White House.