America, meet your new first lady

Sunday, 13 Nov, 2016

Melania, 45, was born in 1970 in Yugoslavia, which makes her the first presidential wife to be born outside the USA since Louisa Adams, wife of John Quincy Adams who was born in England. At the Republican convention in July, her speech introducing her husband, at first well-received, was roundly criticized after its similarities to a 2008 speech by Michelle Obama came to light. After her last speech was ridiculed when it turned out to be plagiarized from Michelle, she's stuck to the sidelines and let her husband take center stage.

The upcoming first lady is a non-native English speaker and has no American parentage. When John Quincy Adams ended up president through a so-called "corrupt bargain", Louisa was apparently "disappointed" and "depressed" that his rise to the White House was marred by scandal.

A photo located in the lobby of the facility's education section is accompanied by a printed message welcoming the incoming first lady to her new position. On the other hand, Jackie Kennedy is known for filling a much more ceremonial role.

She doesn't fit the usual First Lady Mould.

The last meme of Donald Trump before the U.S. elections came to a close was of him taking a peek at wife Melania Trump as she cast her ballot on Tuesday (Wednesday, Manila time). "Since the 1960s, it's one customary component of the First Lady's role".

She wants to be a traditional First Lady. Melania Trump, who is 46, is a Slovenian-born former model with high Slavic cheekbones, and what was once described as the "ice blue eyes of a snow leopard about to sneeze". At the very least, as historian Amanda Mathews told C-SPAN, she was "a woman who saw more of the governments of the world than most women of that day, in London, in Berlin, in St. Petersburg, in Washington". She has defended Trump on such a policy. "Social media is a centerpiece of our lives.", she said in a rare campaign address. "We have to find a better way to talk to each other".

A few years before her death in 1852 at 77, she wrote: "Now I like very well to adopt my husband's thoughts and words when I approve of them, but I do not like to repeat them like a parrot".

Beyond the pet project, every FLOTUS automatically becomes a style icon.

Melania has proven in the previous year or so that largely she has Trump's back. And that will be the 180-degree turn from Michelle Obama, who had a deep and driving love for emerging young, exciting brands that gave a new texture of America.

That's because Trump said in a speech last week outlining the priorities she would bring to the East Wing that in addition to "helping children and women", she said combatting cyber bullying will be "one of the main focuses" of her work as the first lady.