Top smartphones for gaming

Wednesday, 30 Nov, 2016

Smartphones are a much more versatile device in comparison to the first mobile phones. In fact, these smartphones can perform just about any task that a computer can. For this reason many smartphone owners use their devices for gaming whether it is a high end graphic game like Halo or a simple casino game such as roulette which you can find at casino like River-Belle. Certain models of smartphones have more features that make them conducive to gaming.

HTC One M10

Some games can use a lot of resources of the phone including power. When gaming on the go, gamers don’t want to find themselves without a charge. This particular phone includes new technology that allows the device to charge wirelessly. 


For some gamers, the visual aspect of a smartphone is a key component they prefer. The LG G5 fits this need with its 5.6 inch display screens. Games today are even more complex with realistic visuals and they can be more fully appreciated with a screen this size. 

Samsung Galaxy S7

RAM is also an important feature of gaming phones. It used to be that 1 GB RAM was the industry standard. However, with programs and apps becoming more complex, the bar has been raised. The Galaxy S7 comes with an impressive 4 GB of RAM. While this is more than most games need, it also means that the device is ready for new developments to come.

iPhone 7

The latest version of the iPhone has a new graphics processing unit called the A10 Fusion which permits this phone to operate at much higher speeds than previous devices. With this new technology, Apple is promoting the console gaming experience in their iPhone 7.

Motorola Droid Turbo

Some gamers also need to consider price and this is an excellent gaming phone with a smaller cost. The processor is speedy and the display screen is a satisfying 5.2 inches.

While all five of these smartphone make ideal gaming phones, the Samsung Galaxy S7 would be the best choice as it also offers revolutionary waterproof technology protecting the device from water damage.