500 kg Egyptian woman reaches Mumbai to 'lose' weight

Sunday, 12 Feb, 2017

Eman Ahmed special bed being lifted to the room allotted to her at Saifee Hospital in South Mumbai.

A dedicated team of doctors led by Lakdawala, bariatric surgeon, a cardiologist, a cardiac surgeon, an endocrinologist and a chest physician will extensively examine the patient for the next 48 hours which will help them determine the next steps in course of her treatment. Besides a large number of Saifee Hospital staff who would be taking care of her, a camera will be recording the entire treatment process.

"All we can say is that she came in smiling". In the next few days, Eman will undergo a series of tests to evaluate her health after which they will decide on the future course of action. "We should be able to cut down 50-60 kg with this alone, " said Dr Lakdawala.

Eman Ahmed, who weighs more than 1,100 pounds, entered Mumbai's Saifee Hospital early on Saturday.

This was Ahmed's first trip outside her home in Alexandria after almost 25 years of spending her life in her room and unable to take care of herself. "There was no need for a green corridor as she was travelling very early in the morning", said traffic police chief Milind Bharambe. The plan includes at least two operations, diet plans and physiotherapy sessions.

The hospital has spent over Rs 2.5 crore so far in building the infrastructure to house Eman for the next six months. In sleeve gastrectomy, the stomach is surgically reduced to about 15% of its original size and ends up looking like a sleeve or tube.

Eman Ahmed broke down when she was brought out of her home in Alexandria, Egypt, yesterday. But since she was unable to leave her home, her medical visa was denied.

She entered Mumbai in a cargo plane with hopes high that several rounds of surgery could help her reduce weight. Results of her genetic tests, which have already been done, will be available in four weeks. Eman who landed in Mumbai around 4 am on Saturday will be monitored and stabilized.

At Mumbai, Ahmed was again lifted out of the aircraft by a crane onto a waiting truck.

She is scheduled to undergo the surgery at Saifee hospital which is located near Charni road railway station.

According to doctors, Eman now suffers from a wide variety of medical conditions including severe lymphedema and water retention.