Thor: Ragnarok trailer smashes Disney and Marvel views record

Thursday, 13 Apr, 2017

To be sure, there are stakes, but the presumed adventure that Thor and Hulk will have as they make their way home should be joyful for film fans.

Did "Thor: Ragnarok" copy "Guardians of the Galaxy" with its new trailer?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, this record beats Disney's other properties like "Beauty and the Beast" with just over 127 million views, and "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" with 112 million.

The trailer has not only become the most viewed Marvel trailer ever, but it has also become Disney's most viewed trailer ever across all its brands.

Fate of the Furious, which hits cinemas today, has had 139m views.

The Thor series has always been on the sillier end of the MCU, but with Ragnarok, the studio has dialed it all the way up to eleven. So forgive me if I am getting a little ahead of myself in terms of excitement, but boy, this first trailer of Norse God of Thunder's third solo adventure has me all psyched up.

The trailer shows Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, is chained, in next few sequences we see utter mayhem in Asgard and Thor seems to be trouble, big time.

Though many movies prefer to keep the villain's look under the wraps, Thor director chose to put the Goddess of Death, Hela out in the open for the fans to determine her power.

Thor: Ragnarok comes to United Kingdom cinemas on October 27 and will hit theatres Stateside in November. Having left Earth, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) now comes home to Asgard and finds trouble. He starts to think his luck has turned around when the pair pit him against his "friend from work" Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), but when the Avengers pals face-off in the arena it's evident that the big green guy doesn't recognise his former ally. Thor is taken to the planet Sakaar, which is ruled by the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum).The teaser also unveils Tessa Thompson's character Valkyrie who is seen dragging Thor.

It may not land in United States theatres until November 3, but Thor: Ragnarok is already breaking records.