Joseph Jakubowski, Who Sent Threatening Manifesto To Donald Trump, Arrested After Manhunt

Monday, 17 Apr, 2017

Authorities say he was taken into custody at around 6 Vernon County, southeast of La Crosse and around 125 miles northwest of Janesville.

Some 35 pages of Jakubowski's manifesto were posted online by WTMJ-TV.

Jakubowski is suspected of stealing 18 firearms in total. Hundreds of tips and leads had come into authorities since NBC News reported a $10,000 reward was being offered to anyone that was able to point them in direction of where Jakubowski might be hiding out.

Vernon County Sheriff John Spears said based on what Gorn told him, the more he talked with the man, the less comfortable he became. He was arrested without incident. Witnesses saw the man get out of a vehicle, retrieve a rifle from a terrace area, and place it in his trunk. A resident called police after seeing a man sleeping on their property.

He also made threats against religious institutions, officials say, causing places of worship and schools to increase their security during the search.

Jakubowski was sent to the Rock County Jail after the hearing, which is where he is expected to stay in custody.

Anderson told reporters after the court appearance that the theft charge and "possibly other charges" could be brought against Jakubowski. No mention was made of individuals or organizations in Janesville, police said. Investigators have obtained two copies of the manifesto: the original mailed to Trump; and a version provided by a cooperating source. Spoden said. "He had overall anger towards the government, towards religion, to the police". "It doesn't always make a lot of sense". Police also learned that he had discussed a plan to steal weapons and use them to carry out an attack against public officials or an unspecified school. In it he says: "Revolution". The man has not been charged in connection with the video and is not believed to be involved in the burglary.

"The drone gets eyes on the person and the environment without threatening any law enforcement officer there and the subject", says Landers.

Spoden said Jakubowski had indicated to the farmer who confronted him that he "wanted to be off the grid".

Jakubowski, 32, remained silent as Magistrate Stephen Crocker learned from Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Anderson that the government would seek to indict Jakubowski before a grand jury on Wednesday.

"He never raised his voice, never showed any sign of doing anything inappropriate".

"He did not expect, I don't think, for me to drive up there with a 4-wheeler", Jeff Gorn said.