Apple Is Ready to Shake Up the Self-Driving Car Industry

Tuesday, 18 Apr, 2017

Apple will soon take its self-driving vehicle software platform to public streets for the first time, a major step that gets the world's largest technology company into a crowded race to transform transportation.

It could or could not happen, but one thing is for sure that certainly brings such an idea closer to reality - Apple has managed to pick up a California DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) permit which allows Cupertino to test out its self-driving auto on public roads, if it has such a thing in the pipeline that is. The state's Department of Motor Vehicles issued a permit for Apple to begin testing self-driving vehicles in California. The state of California also requires that a human be behind the wheel of autonomous vehicles during testing. Testing the hardare and software elements for assisted and autonomous driving can happen on different cars, and it keeps Apple's own designs secret. Apple is set to debut a self-driving vehicle. Google and Uber have them, and the latter also started testing self-driving cars with its Pittsburgh customers late a year ago. The self-driving cars are expected to transform mobility in the coming years.

This permit isn't the first time Apple's company name has been listed in this space, having previously made government submissions - and it's unlikely you'll see Lexus vehicles with an Apple logo on the side.

"It's encouraging to hear Apple is still in the autonomous vehicle game", said Rebecca Lindland, executive analyst at Kelley Blue Book.

Kenner said in his letter that the iPhone maker was "investing heavily" in the study of automation and machine learning, and it was excited about the potential of automated systems in a variety of areas including transportation. This news alone quells one rumor: that Apple was designing its own auto.

A spokeswoman from the California DMV, who spoke with Business Insider, has confirmed the news that Apple has been awarded a permit as well.

It also fits with Apple making its own auto.

We've been hearing that Apple was quietly getting into the self-driving vehicle game since early 2015, and in August of that year, we learned they had already sought out a testing site in Contra Costa County. If you don't make it at Tesla, you go work at Apple.