Nintendo Switch is Officially the Company's Fastest Selling Console Ever

Tuesday, 18 Apr, 2017

Nintendo is shipping new inventory all month, but demand is outstripping supply. Most of the reviews posted for the Nintendo Switch have been positive, though there have been some problems occasionally. "Accordingly, we think Nintendo will launch a lighter, dedicated handheld version of the Switch, possibly to be called the Switch Mini".

While Zelda may have outsold the Nintendo Switch, it's still one of the best-selling consoles to date. However, Nintendo has previously announced their plans on doubling down on production so that it'll be easier for consumers to purchase a new console. Indeed, there was a limited edition of Breath of the Wild that contained some rare swag (specifically a Sheikah Slate carrying case, a Sheikah Eye collectible coin, the Relic of Hyrule: Calamity Ganon Tapestry and weather-worn map, and a soundtrack CD). The original plan was to produce 8 million Switch consoles. That total includes more than 925,000 units sold for Nintendo Switch and almost 460,000 units sold for the Wii U console. This makes it the fastest selling Nintendo console of all time, though it doesn't take the crown from Sony's PS4.

The company was also successful in having record sales of other games. It's a mobile console first with removable small controllers. Still, this is a huge win for Nintendo coming off the stinging failure of the Wii U. This figure might also include people who preordered the game but wasn't able to find a Switch unit anywhere in the first month of its availability.

The new Nintendo Switch game console is displayed at a pop-up Nintendo venue in Madison Square Park, March 3, 2017 in New York City. These individuals could have factored into the game's over-100% attach rate with the Switch. That means Nintendo sold more copies of Breath of the Wild for the Switch than it sold of the Switch console itself. Nintendo killed region locking on the Nintendo Switch.

This, unsurprisingly, makes it the fastest selling Zelda game in Nintendo's history, too.

Nintendo just revealed some pretty impressive numbers for the Nintendo Switch sales last month. Both versions will be the same price.