UK Labour Leader Corbyn Welcomes June 8 Snap Poll Decision

Thursday, 20 Apr, 2017

"I am stepping down from the House of Commons - for now".

The same analysis projects a 76 per cent chance of a Conservative parliamentary majority, and just a 5 per cent chance of a Labour majority.

The odds of any other party winning an overall majority were given at 40/1.

Theresa May has said a snap general election is necessary to prevent opposition parties at Westminster "frustrating" the Brexit process.

Surely we need to think about problems such as the state of our NHS, climate change, rising inequality and homelessness before we decide who we vote for.

The prime minister: "I recognise that small rural schools, particularly, have particular issues and I am very happy to look at those concerns to ensure that we get the finding formula right and we can spread the money as fairly as possible". Admittedly, he's had his fair share of gaffes, like sitting on the floor of a train to make a point of overcrowding even though there were spare seats was a particular low point, but again, that'd be a ridiculous reason not to vote for him.

Sun Bets has the Tories as a dead cert to win the most seats in the June 8 election with odds of 1/12.

Given that Labour secured 99 fewer seats than the Tories in 2015, when the polls were much closer, the scale of the challenge facing Mr Corbyn is clear.

Meanwhile, former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg confirmed that he will fight to retain his Sheffield Hallam seat for the Liberal Democrats.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson warned such an alliance represented a "grave danger" that risked "plunging the United Kingdom into more instability and uncertainty".

It will likely also plunge the opposition Labour party into disorder, paving the way for the exit of its radical and embattled leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

But Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale and Mr Corbyn have since rejected any deal.

Whatever happens in the forthcoming general election, no day of social media can ever compete with the dizzying heights of May 2015.

Why has an election been called?

Speaking at her conference today, Theresa May blasted rival parties for trying to derail the Government's Brexit plans.

But current opinion polls suggest that Mrs May will lead her party to a position of greater strength in parliament, and that Labour will suffer deep losses.

What are the polls saying? "She has come into this election because she thinks she's 20 points ahead and she can't put forward what it is she wants from Brexit because she wants to promise everything at this stage".

"There is therefore a real danger of Mr Corbyn and Ms Sturgeon cooking up a deal to suit both their purposes".

Mr Corbyn retorted: "We welcome the general election but this is a Prime Minister who promised there wouldn't be one, a Prime Minister who can not be trusted".

Latest odds can be seen at Sun Bets, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power.