Nearly 250 missing in Mediterranean shipwrecks

Friday, 12 May, 2017

Seven people were rescued.

No casualties were reported, and all the migrants rescued off the coastal city of Sabratha are safely back in Tripoli.

Both ships are thought to have been carrying refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea from northern Africa to Italy.

'To get the message out across Africa about the dangers, we are recording the testimonies of migrants who have suffered and are spreading them across social media and on local FM radio. Too often they are broken, brutalised and have been abused, often sexually. Many die making the hazardous Mediterranean crossing on poorly built boats or pay human traffickers thousands of dollars only to be abandoned at sea.

Doyle added that more Africans are crossing from Libya, and more Syrians want to cross, but the route has been blocked.

"I wanted to leave for Europe", she said. The first incarnation of IOM was created to resettle refugees during this post-war period.

Fatou Bensouda, the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor, has told the UN Security Council that her office was collecting and analysing information "related to serious and widespread crimes allegedly committed against migrants attempting to transit through Libya".

Libyan gangs have taken advantage of a breakdown in law and order in the north African country to make a lucrative business from packing sub-Saharan Africans into rickety boats bound for southern Europe.

ROME — Two wrecks of migrant ships in the Mediterranean have claimed as many as 245 lives, including those of at least five children, according to survivor accounts given to United Nations agencies and authorities in Sicily, where dozens of rescued migrants were taken.

Shniti said the leaders of people-smuggling networks had been arrested recently and would soon be brought to justice.

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Overall the weekend disasters pushed the death toll on the Libya Mediterranean route for 2017 up to 1,300, while refugees and asylum seekers who successfully crossed the Mediterranean now number more than 43,000.

A further 82 people are feared dead or missing after a rubber dinghy sank late on Friday in open sea off the Libyan coast with 132 people on board, UNHCR said.