UK Labour leader accuses Theresa May of 'pandering' to Trump

Saturday, 13 May, 2017

He said he supported military action "as a genuine last resort" but accused recent British and US governments of "bomb first, talk later" policies.

And it would seek to build cooperation with China and India, unlike the Prime Minister, who in January said that the two Eastern giants were threatening to "eclipse" the West in military terms.

After a meeting created to sign off the final version of the manifesto it also emerged that tweaks could be made, including to the "extremely cautious" line on Trident.

But the leak plunged the party into despair and recriminations.

Seventy-five per cent of posts from the Conservatives have mentioned either Mrs May or Mr Corbyn by name since the election was announced, compared with just 19% of posts from the opposition party's accounts.

With some moderate Labour MPs reported to be in revolt over Mr Corbyn's radical programme of renationalisation and expanding public services, Mrs May will accuse him of a return to the "disastrous socialist policies of the 1970s".

Corbyn promised that a Labour government would produce a "robust" foreign policy and while seeking to work for peace.

The fate of a BBC cameraman taken to hospital after Mr Corbyn's vehicle ran over his foot and Unite union boss Len McCluskey's tumble feature on The Times, Daily Telegraph and The Sun covers.

The Labour leader finally gave a statement at 4pm urging people to read the final manifesto when it is published. "Our manifesto will be an offer, and I believe the policies in it are very popular, an offer that will transform the lives of many people in our society", he said, refusing to address any questions around the leaked draft.

"Under the Tories, working families are set to be an average of £1,400 a year worse off, real wages are lower now than they were in 2010 and almost six million people are paid less than the living wage".

Other proposals include a refusal to set a target on cutting immigration and to leave the European Union without a deal.

And if Labour has its way it would not be afraid to stir up the hornet's nest that is blacklisting, by having a public inquiry.

A Scottish Labour source said that a Constitutional Convention had always been UK Labour policy.

A vehicle carrying Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn ran over the foot of a BBC cameraman while approaching a party policy meeting ahead of Britain's June 8 national election, according to a photographer and cameraman at the scene.

SNP candidate for Edinburgh East, Tommy Sheppard, said that the leak showed the "chaos inside Labour".

May's decision to call an early election for next month caught not only most of her own party by surprise, but has forced Labour and other parties to scramble to devise policies and campaigns nearly overnight.

Just trust Theresa, they say, thereby dividing the United Kingdom instantly between those inclined to accept her as the new Boadicea, and those who feel, with some reason, that they would rather put their trust in a basking shark.

Meanwhile on corporation tax, Labour would ask large firms to "pay a little more".