Pak based terror groups plan to attack India, Afghan: US intel chief

Sunday, 14 May, 2017

One of the border guards, injured, is held captive by the terrorists.

Jaish ul-Adl is a designated terrorist organization by Iran.

"I met Mr Sartaj Aziz, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Foreign Affairs today".

"In 2015, new refugee applications filed by Afghans touched 175,000, second only to the Syrians", he said.

He added that "we will hit their safe havens and cells, wherever they are".

Pakistan is located at the junction of Central Asia and Middle East, which gives its location great significance. For instance, its Indian site shows the entirety of disputed Kashmir as controlled by India. To its west Pakistan shares a 909 km border with Iran.

The adviser said that a peaceful prosperous Afghanistan is in Pakistan's interest, and it believes that a politically negotiated settlement will be the most viable option for bringing lasting peace to Afghanistan. With the exception China now Pakistan is facing problems with its neighbors.

Coats said that the emerging China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will probably offer militants and terrorists additional targets.

Kabul quickly denied the Pakistan statement.

The remarks were made a month after 10 Iranian border guards were killed in a terrorist attack launched from inside the Pakistani soil.

The Afghan ambassador had, however, contested the claim and said only two Afghan troops were killed. The educational institutions located in Chaman area have reopened and tension scaled down on Chaman border.

In Coats's assessment, the Kabul government's weakness; the home army's continuing poor performance, the Taliban's resurgence, and ISIS's rise all portend a few more bad years for Afghans - and USA forces downrange.

Bab-e-Dosti has been partially reopened for the women, children and sick people while North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO) supply line, Afghan transit trade and pedestrian locomotion between Pakistan and Afghanistan, all are still suspended.

According to the Dawn newspaper on Tuesday, Mehdi Honardoost was summoned to convey Pakistan's concerns over a warning by Baqeri that Iran would deal with the terrorists themselves if Pakistan was unable to address the issue.

This is the second cross-border attack coming from Afghanistan over the past week. Saudi and Pakistani officials reject the assertions as unfounded.

In 2010 Google was embroiled in a Central American border dispute that saw two neighbouring countries dispatch troops and heavily armed police to their joint border, the report said.

The assessment comes days after India accused a Pakistani Border Action Team of killing and mutilating two Indian jawans. Pakistan's Director General of Military Operations, Maj.

This past Friday Pakistan closed "Bab-e-Dosti" Afghan-Pakistan border after a deadly attack by Afghan forces on census staff and security personnel escorting them.

Indian Vice Army Chief Sarath Chand denounced the Pakistani military for carrying out "extreme barbaric acts" not even seen "during war" at a press conference. In the circumstances, India must be prepared to fend for itself in tackling Pakistan's terror threat.