Eddie Alvarez should have been disqualified after illegal knees on Dustin Poirier

Monday, 15 May, 2017

UFC president Dana White is one step closer to making the super fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather a reality. Despite some better offense in the closing seconds of the round from the former champ, Poirier was a clear 10-9 victor in the first.

"I'm not a dirty fighter". This is unfortunate, Eddie didn't mean to do that, but like he said, this is a fist-fight. "I'm doing the best I can". "I thought I had Dustin hurt and I thought he was a little exhausted".

Alvarez offered to run the fight back after a no contest was called while Poirier reacted angrily to the crowd booing his opponent.

"We're right there. I'm expected an excuted agreement tomorrow", White said. "Don't boo this man!" This guy's a warrior!

"We're the guys driving the bus - we're the guys that have to figure this out", he said.

The end to the fight was disappointing because of how much the two fighters had done to produce a dramatic second round. He was staggering back and struggling to stay on his feet, wildly throwing haymakers back at Poirier - in part, on the off chance that one should connect, but also as a defensive strategy to keep him at bay. He unleashed a straight left that staggered Alvarez, who was on wobbly legs as he fell backward into the cage.

One key reason for the attempted appeal, other than earning a win over the former lightweight champion of the world, could be that Poirier lost out on his win bonus money due to the No Contest, which cut his paycheck by half.

The fight was ruled a no contest by referee Herb Dean after Alvarez landed repeated illegal knees to Poirier's head in the second round. The third, with Poirier's knee down, was illegal under both the old and new rules.

"That man right there has some heart, I broke his arm in the first round and I heard it pop over and over again", Knight said. I've got nothing but respect for this guy. "I apologise to Dustin and I apologise to the".

After escaping a chokehold, and with Poirier pinned against the cage, Alvarez was one solid hit away from ending the fight.

In both versions of the unified rules, an intentional foul that involves a concussive blow to the head and renders a fighter unable to continue results in a disqualification win if the bout hasn't gone past the second round.

UFC 211 looked like quite an event on paper and, based on the headlining scrap for FX's preliminary action, anyone who felt that way has pretty good instincts about the game. "I don't know exactly where it landed but when the doctor came to me, my left eye was a little blurry".