Melissa McCarthy mocks Sean Spicer with motorized podium

Monday, 15 May, 2017

It was all for her appearance on the May 13 episode of Saturday Night Live.

The Post initially described the scenario as Spicer standing "in the bushes" but later issued a clarification stating he was "among the bushes". The White House Press Secretary's job has been rumored in trouble for a while, and with Saturday Night Live's season ending next week, the show made a decision to give him a proper dramatic arc on which to end the story...for now.

As Sanders bats away suggestions that Spicer is hiding in the bushes, a reporter asks her to take on the role full-time "instead of him".

However, proceedings opened with her Spicer impersonation dismissing Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckerbee Sanders (played by Aidy Bryant), from her duties.

But Trump's White House has been taking a beating as it fails to coordinate and get out a coherent message. "I think it's a good idea".

"I know we think this every week, but this week was insane", says Colin Jost, in kicking off Weekend Update. Because he told us so! "He hired lawyers to agree with him". When words aren't enough, McCarthy turns to a Russian nesting doll to explain the White House's rank and file.

We saw more of "SNL's" thoughtful approach to comedy moments later when "Spicer" asked "Trump" if the rumors are true that he was gong to be fired. Inside Putin ("Oops", McCarthy says, swiftly tossing that doll aside), follows "Steve Bannon", or Slimer from Ghostbusters.

"Can you just do this full time?" the press pool reporters plead.

But the sketch really kicked into gear when the podium motored to NY, after "Spicer" goes in search of his boss in response to a reporter suggesting maybe Trump ied to him about Russian. "Unless I have them every two weeks and I do them myself, we don't have them". When they bring up the idea of Spicer getting fired, he heads to New York City to try and find Trump.

Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin embrace as Sean Spicer and President Trump at the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey.

"Yes", Baldwin's Trump responded before going in for long, deep kiss.

But, for all the usual diversionary tactics deployed to allay the media, the beleaguered press secretary eventually cracked amid ongoing speculation from the reporters that he may lose his job.

"Is this like in Godfather when you kiss me and no one ever sees me again?"

Finally, she found Baldwin's Trump playing with a toy in the Oval Office. "I took vows", McCarthy replied.