Saudi Arabia, UAE Promise to Donate $100Mln to Ivanka Trump's Foundation

Wednesday, 31 May, 2017

He said the US and its allies "should know that Iran is a democratic, stable and powerful country" and that it promoted "peace, good neighborliness, and the creation of a world opposed to violence and extremism". -Israeli intelligence cooperation is "terrific".

Trump's meeting with the Russian officials came amid broader questions about his handling of a probe into ties between his campaign and Russia and just one day after he fired FBI director James Comey, who had been leading the investigation.

The moment was abrupt interruption of an otherwise warm and smooth welcome for Trump to the Holy Land. After years of butting heads with Trump's predecessor, Netanyahu celebrated a new American president's arrival as a moment of hope in the stalled peace talks between Israel and Palestinians.

"This is a matter that really should trouble us", said Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz prior to the weekly cabinet meeting, although Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made no mention of the deal in his customary public remarks.

According to White House reporters on Air Force One, the meeting was off-the-record, but the press office agreed to release it on background to the White House press pool.

Meanwhile, Tillerson also said Monday that Trump's views on Islam "continue to evolve".

"It won't be simple", Netanyahu said.

"I think there's a great deal that's misunderstood about the Muslim world", he said.

As per details, Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif advised that Donald Trump should spend his time usefully in Riyadh besides discussing as how to avoid another 9/11 being perpetrated by his Saudi host. While King Salman appeared happy to greet the visitors, a Trump tweet from 2015 suggested he would be offended.

Netanyahu and his wife Sara, as well as Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and members of the Israeli cabinet, were at Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion airport to greet Trump and First Lady Melania in a red carpet ceremony after a direct flight from Riyadh.

Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner both practicing Orthodox Jews. The family was separated by gender. Together, the three leaders placed their hands on the globe to start a film about the center.

The visit raised questions about whether the USA would indicate the site is Israeli territory.

US policy doesn't hold that the city is part of Israel, but the White House put "Jerusalem, Israel", on its website Monday, without offering an explanation.

"Hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs- I would like to thank all of the people of Saudi Arabia", said President Trump. Trump himself never commented.