Some Twitter users may sue Trump for blocking them

Thursday, 08 Jun, 2017

However, press secretary Sean Spicer on June 6 said in a press conference, not in the context of a discussion of this demand letter, that Trump's tweets are official statements, which pleased the Knight Institute. A blocked account can not view tweets, lists of followers, likes, or lists of the user who blocked it. Katie Fallow, a senior fellow at the institute, defended the argument by pointing to a case called Davison v. Loudoun County.

Now, even his blocking of fellow Twitter users is under fire. In a letter sent to Trump on Tuesday, lawyers for several users he has blocked argued that his account was a "public forum" from which the government may not constitutionally exclude people because it disagrees with views they have expressed.

The Knight First Amendment Institute says it is different, or at least that it should be. The Knight Institute, a non-partisan organization dedicated to defending free speech in the digital age, in its statement Tuesday suggested it would pursue legal action if Trump does not unblock people on Twitter.

Trump tweets from two different accounts.

While over 14k people liked the amusing tweet, Trump was less amused and blocked her account.

Whether Trump's Twitter feed counts as a place of public expression will be up to the courts.

Thus, when Trump is blocking people from seeing his account, he is also barring them from seeing those official statements.

"Twitter certainly doesn't want to be a public forum", Overing said.

Multiple people have recently taken to Twitter to announce that they were blocked by the President on Twitter. But, as president of the United States, Trump is not like any other Twitter users.

Looking toward the 2018 midterms, 48 percent of voters said Trump's Twitter usage will hurt the changes of Congressional Republicans, while 35 percent said the messages will give Democrats a boost. But they have a fairly compelling case, and, more importantly, a common-sense one.

And even in a public form, McConnell said, presidents can "go to public arenas and meet with audiences of their choice". In a fully public forum, opposing views can't be censored.

Millennials to President Donald Trump: Stop Tweeting! I think that this kind of behavior by "critics" deserves to be blocked because it distracts from the ability of all other users to read and understand the president's positions.

However, apart from praises and accusations there was nearly nothing of outcome that the president tweeted about.

The new POLITICO/Morning Consult survey found that almost seven in 10 voters believe the president uses the social media platform too much and about 60 percent think his Twitter usage is a bad thing. If Trump does not unblock OReilly and Papp, however, “we will very seriously consider litigation, ” Abdo said. Quartz contacted the White House for comment on the blocking policy shortly after the demand letter was published and will update this post if there is a response.