White House: Trump's tweets are 'official statements'

Sunday, 11 Jun, 2017

Later in the day on Tuesday, the Knight First Amendment Institute - a Columbia University-based legal group - issued President Trump a letter asking him to unblock the accounts of citizens who have expressed opposing views to the president without violating Twitter's terms of service. "And I think many times he's used it the right way to get his message out there and have people hear directly from him what he thinks, and other times I think what he's done hasn't been in his best interest".

"He's very quick to make rash tweets out or they're very random-seeming", said Steele.

Trump insisted on Tuesday that his phone is a direct link to the American people, and criticism by the mainstream media is an attempt to stifle his message.

The White House has defended tweets by US President Donald Trump that have raised concern among opponents and allies alike.

More than half of respondents, meanwhile, said they believe Trump's tweets hurt national security - 51 percent; the United States' standing in the world - 53 percent; and his presidency - 57 percent.

A Politico/Morning Consult poll finds 69 percent of voters think the president uses Twitter too much, and 59 percent say Trump's use of a Twitter is a bad thing.

While some of Trump's advisers, such as Kellyanne Conway, have sought to downplay the importance of the president's statements on Twitter and have accused the media of needlessly creating controversy, many members of the public disagree. Both Conway and Gorka referred to the media's coverage of Trump's tweets an "obsession".

Washington, Jun 10 US President Donald Trump has confirmed the country's commitment to Article 5 of the NATO treaty, the collective defence pact that treats an attack on one ally as an attack on all members of the alliance. Even still, that means millions of actual people are watching as Trump uses his mobile phone to alienate allies, attack the free press, ignore hate crimes, and disseminate misinformation on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis.

Now we are told to treat the President of the United States of America calling the Mayor of London's remarks "pathetic" an official White House statement. "The moment you treat them as they are, that dissonance feels real and palpable and obvious".

Trump mostly has brushed them off, although he has intermittently stuck to anodyne pronouncements about policy or feel-good meetings with foreign leaders, as he did during his nine-day trip to the Middle East and Europe. These are statements of the president. It's not just a tweet.