May's top aides resign after UK election fiasco

Monday, 12 Jun, 2017

Corbyn told the BBC on Sunday there could be another election this year or early in 2018 after the Thursday vote produced no clear victor.

Many of those Conservatives now opposing May are those who wanted to remain in the EU.

"We will put conflict resolution and human rights at the heart of foreign policy", the document states, "commit to working through the United Nations, end support for unilateral aggressive wars of intervention and back effective action to alleviate the refugee crisis". Negotiations with the European Union are scheduled to begin later this month. A hung parliament, the country's worst nightmare, is the dubious outcome.

The Protestant unionist party also had links with outlawed paramilitary groups during the years of Northern Ireland's "Troubles".

Although the Liberal Democrats had ruled out joining with other parties during the election campaign, The Green Party, SNP and Plaid Cymru had all spoken in favour of alliances.

This is likely to pose an obstacle to the types of strict border controls advocated by sections of the Conservative party.

The result leaves Britain in a less certain position regarding its Brexit negotiations.

May's failure to strengthen her grip on power is a huge embarrassment for the leader.

As rumors swirled about plots to oust May, Johnson denied he was planning a leadership challenge.

Siegfried Muresan, the spokesperson for the European Parliament's largest party the EEP, tweeted some harsh words for May Friday.

"That's not a matter for me", she said.

In a humiliating night for the Prime Minister, Mrs May saw Tory ranks at Westminster reduced from 330 to 318 - with one constituency left to declare - while eight ministers were culled from the Government's front benches.

Voters in Scotland made their views clear at the polls, sending a resounding message to the Scottish National Party, which lost more than 20 seats. By hindsight, the snap general elections seem nearly foolhardy: there was no need whatsoever as Theresa May and her party would have remained in office until 2020 if they had not been held.

He told the BBC that he will call on MPS from all other parties to back his policies instead of May's.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, meanwhile, said Friday that she's ready to defend the interests of European Union members in exit negotiations and doesn't see any reason for the process to be delayed by the results of the U.K.'s election.

May's party fell short of an overall majority following Thursday's vote, and plans to work with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party.

After calling a snap election in April in anticipation of a landslide, she ended up with an electoral train wreck, in which her Conservative Party actually lost its parliamentary majority.

The debate on the Queen's Speech usually lasts about five or six days.

Once again, voters succeeding in confounding expectations, delivering surprise victories and resounding losses.

The strength of any deal looks set to be tested when the Commons meets, with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn vowing to try to bring down the government by defeating Mrs May in Parliament and insisting: "I can still be prime minister".

However, May's plan backfired as the Conservatives lost their majority of seats in the vote. It could become chaotic, as the Tories' warning about a Labour-led "coalition of chaos" boomerang.

"What's happened is people have said they've had quite enough of austerity politics", Corbyn said in a speech after the vote, "they've had quite enough of cuts to public expenditure, under-funding our health service, under-funding our schools and our education service, and not giving our young people the chance they deserve in our society". She also came under severe criticism for her poor handling of recent terror attacks in Manchester and London and for her role as Home Secretary when she oversaw cuts to the police force.