Trump tweets against Germany, escalating row after tense summits

Wednesday, 14 Jun, 2017

Germany's Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel also blasted the United States, saying the Trump administration's "short-sighted policies stand against the interest of the European Union".

The German ambassador to the United States, Peter Wittig, claimed the relationship between Germany and the "good and productive" Wednesday, despite speculation the countries have a rocky bond. We Europeans truly have to take our fate into our own hands - naturally in friendship with the United States of America, in friendship with Great Britain, as good neighbors with whoever, also with Russian Federation and other countries ...

"The times in which we could completely rely on others are more or less over", she said, through a BBC interpreter, at the rally on Sunday.

Mrs Merkel said Germany's relations with the United States are of "outstanding importance" but it must engage with other key nations going forward.

"Donald Trump is making clear with his tweet that he considers Germany a political opponent", said Thomas Oppermann, the parliamentary caucus leader of the Social Democrats, the junior partners in Merkel's coalition government. Coming after summits with Trump at the G-7 meeting in Italy and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Belgium, the comments were interpreted as her stating that the USA leadership role in the world had been diminished under Trump.

According to German media, he called the country "very bad" because of its trade deficit with the U.S. Trump instead lectured North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member countries about contributing their "fair share", saying some countries owed "massive amounts of money", even if it does not appear to be true.

But she also highlighted Germany's history of cooperating with India and China in a global world.On Monday, Merkel had underlined her doubts about the reliability of the United States as an ally. Days earlier, in Saudi Arabia, Trump had presided over the single largest US arms deal in American history, worth $110 billion over the next decade and including ships, tanks and anti-missile systems.

"It is inappropriate that we are now communicating with each other between a beer tent and Twitter", he said in Berlin.

Despite the lack of confidence expressed by Berlin in the new administration in Washington and the US President's criticism of German trade policy, the White House said on Tuesday that Trump and Merkel get along well, Efe news reported.

"We do not have the right to spoil the environment for future generations. that is, morally speaking, a crime on our part", Modi said after meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Merkel herself described her diplomatic encounter with the Americans as "very hard, not to say very unsatisfactory".

But on Tuesday, Spicer denied that the comments amounted to a slight of the White House. The German chancellor signaled her dissatisfaction with Trump as a reliable ally following the G-7 summit. At the time, Trump told his allies they were being unfair toward USA taxpayers. "I've experienced that in the last few days".

He also said that Ms Merkel's comment was not necessarily negative.