IPad Pro 10.5 Review: A Surprisingly Powerful Tablet

Thursday, 15 Jun, 2017

But, hey, it's the new iPad, it's better than the old iPad, and the new screen is super awesome for apps that support it which right now appears to be limited to only the core Apple apps and a small subset of third party apps. Yet, that's exactly what we got.

For now, it is at least customisable, letting you choose which apps you want to receive nudges from. But if your iPad is suddenly your main productivity tool, then you really do want to have the best iPad you can buy. The damage was done to give us a clue as to what sets it apart from its closest ancestor, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. "The 10.5" iPad Pro is the flawless compromise between the iPad Mini being a bit too small and too close to the Plus-sized iPhones and the slight bump in screen size makes it feel like you're getting a lot of the benefits of the larger pro without the extra size and weight. This allows for a screen that feels more immersive.

It's not radically larger, but side by side you can notice the difference. Oh, and don't forget your $235 Smart Keyboard as you pass the check-out. It's impossible to say without formal benchmarking, and I suspect that it would be unnoticeable to most users.

Apple's HomePod attracted the biggest crowd at the WWDC hands-on area. What the new lineup brings to the mix, however, is a refresh rate of 120Hz. So when you're scrolling quickly through websites, everything looks super smooth thanks to the higher refresh rate.

But how does that apply to an iPad.

120 Hz is a blisteringly fast refresh rate for this many pixels, which is probably why it needs four (!) connecting cables. I use my iPad Pro more than my MacBook these days - and will use it even more when iOS 11 ships.

Apple stated that the iMac Pro is the most powerful Mac ever.

Smart accessories like Apple Pencil are not necessary but nice-to-have for an extra cost. To my surprise the iPad Pro will fit into the Sleeve even with the keyboard on.

As Ian Betteridge notes in his preview, iOS 11 looks to be the update that puts questions about the iPad Pro's usefulness for "real work" to bed.

But come on - don't be using an iPad for taking photos. That price goes down to as little as $979 with 64GB of storage and just WiFi.

Among those that stood out was the iOS 11 and the all-new 10.5 inch iPad Pro.

The iPad 10.5 inch comes in different variants of attractive colors: Silver, Space Gray, Gold, and Rose Gold, their price starting at $649.

Are those things enough reason to upgrade? The iPad Pro also has a Dock at the bottom of the screen and you could mistake the screen of the new iPad Pro for a Mac on your first glance. "I hope the next iPhone has ProMotion". But that may not be the case when the new version of iOS arrives. The iPad Pro is light and extremely easy to tote around, but I'd rather take something slightly heavier with me that gets everything done at once, which is why I ended up purchasing the Surface Book over the iPad Pro last August when I was in the market for a traditional laptop replacement. Neither has it added any new biometric identification system, such as iris scanning that has become more common with other vendors.

And the best iPad you can buy is this one.

But here's the thing: I'm also an iPad Pro user, and I love my iPad Pro.

With that in mind, don't be surprised to see some things on iOS 11 that will seem familiar.