Congressman says member of his staff wounded

Friday, 16 Jun, 2017

The Republican baseball team holds practice every morning at 6:30 a.m.

Brady is the designated hitter for the Republican Congressional baseball team.

Scalise was shot in the hip, but is in stable condition. He ran into the dugout where Williams was to take cover and Sen.

Authorities say two people are dead after their twin-engine plane crashed shortly after taking off from an airport in southern New Mexico.

"He decided not to shoot me", he told CNN.

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On Wednesday, a Texas reporter covering Washington D.C. talked to News Channel 25 about the aftermath of the shooting at a baseball field in Virginia.

"That was apparently a couple of minutes before the shooting", he said.

Williams said he was hitting ground balls to Scalise on the field when he heard a sudden explosion, followed by more loud bangs in rapid succession.

The UT Community's hearts go out to Zachary Barth, a UT Austin alumnus and staffer for Congressman Roger Williams, who was injured in this morning's Congressional baseball shooting.

Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., said several other people also were hit, including two law enforcement officers.

Both Minnesota Representative Tim Walz and Representative Erik Paulsen are listed on the 2017 roster.

'The thin blue line held today, ' he said. "So he's tough as nails and we are all praying for his recovery". Williams dove into the first base dugout. "Jeff Flake took his belt off and made a tourniquet around Zack's leg to stop the bleeding".

Williams recalled that he mistook the initial gunshots for the backfiring of a vehicle. It seemed like it went forever. We had no arms, all we had were bats. Everyone else on the scene survived.

"I'm out behind the fence trying to help the Capitol Hill police engage or spot the guy because he's moving back and forth, (and) they don't necessarily see where he's at", Conaway said.

In a message to KHOU 11, Barth's father stated, "We don't have any comment except to say that Zack is going to be fine".

The Thursday game is expected to take place as expected. Something Livingston said they are very passionate about.

A staffer for Republican U.S. Rep.

Williams and his legislative aide Zach Barth recounted their experiences during Wednesday's attack, which occurred while a group of Republican congressmen were practicing for a charity baseball game scheduled for Thursday. Besides baseball, members of the two parties do not normally socialize much.

Bailey is a Capitol Police special agent who is part of the congressional security detail.