Scalise on the mend, now in 'serious' condition

Monday, 19 Jun, 2017

MedStar also confirmed previous reports that Scalise is showing signs of improvement - being more responsive and speaking with loved ones - following surgery Saturday. When Scalise was shot Wednesday, Henry left Baton Rouge for Washington to be with the congressman and his family. He's been sedated since then, the doctor added, "but we've been able to turn that sedation down enough for him to respond to his family members, and he clearly knows that they're there and appreciates their presence".

Hodgkinson contacted both of his state's Democratic senators frequently, always through email links on their websites, spokesmen said Friday.

Capitol Police Officer Crystal Griner also remains at the MedStar Washington hospital after sustaining a gunshot wound to her ankle, but is in "good condition and good spirits" the hospital said.

The president made his comments as he spoke in Miami to announce a new policy on Cuba.

James Hodgkinson was an ardent Bernie Sanders (I-VT) supporter, and in a speech on the floor, a visibly shaken Senator Sanders declared "violence of any kind is unacceptable".

House Speaker Paul Ryan has paid a visit to wounded Majority Whip Steve Scalise at the hospital.

GOP congressman Steve Scalise's condition is being upgraded from critical to serious.

When paramedics arrived on scene, Scalise was awake, Sava said, but by the time he arrived at the hospital he had gone into shock and lost consciousness.

But Scalise still faces multiple surgeries, a prolonged hospital stay and a lengthy recovery, Sava stressed.

Congressmen on the list say they've been contacted by Capitol Police.

"Our hearts are broken over the assault that was made, really, on all of us", she said, "but personally heartbroken over the dea...ah, at what happened to Steve Scalise, our colleague". Officer David Bailey recovered enough to throw the first pitch at Thursday's Congressional Baseball Game.