Ohio Congressman played in baseball game to honor Scalise

Tuesday, 20 Jun, 2017

But after the shooting on Wednesday morning, the atmosphere resembled an actual Major League Baseball game rather than the traditional amateur matchup.

The wife of wounded GOP congressman Steve Scalise says she is thankful for all the prayers and warm wishes her family has received since her husband was shot at a baseball practice.

The game was a blowout with the Democratic team winning 11-2. He also remains in critical condition Thursday following surgery.

The president paid a visit to Scalise on Wednesday night. After Scalise was shot in the hip, the bullet traveled through his pelvis, fractured bones and injured internal organs.

Bailey was spotted Friday in the Capitol, on crutches and out of uniform, accepting congratulations from fellow officers. Bailey then threw a pitch that bounced before reaching the catcher, Roberto Clemente Jr.

The named congressmen are all conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus, and the list appears to confirm that the shooting was not random but a premeditated attempt to assassinate the politicians. Scalise's colleagues will take the field wearing Louisiana State University baseball caps as a tribute to his alma mater.

Congress is a contentious place, and the battles between Republicans and Democrats have never been more fierce than in the eight years under President Barack Obama and the early days of Trump's presidency.

Trump says, "Steve is our friend, he's a patriot and he's a true fighter". They brought bouquets of flowers for the recovering victims.

"Civility is indeed a part of civilized government and an open political system, and if you let these forces play out you end up in a very bad spot".

She said Republican vitriol and caricatures of her had resulted in "calls to my home constantly, threats in front of my family, really predicated on their comments and their paid ads".

Sue Hodgkinson told reporters outside her IL home Thursday that she was busy with her job and didn't know a lot about what her husband, 66-year-old James Hodgkinson, did between January and March. She said her estranged husband had sold nearly everything from his business before leaving. Scalise remains in critical condition but his vital signs have stabilized and doctors have lifted sedation enough for him to respond to family members.

Despite the party atmosphere at the ball park, Larson said Wednesday's shooting cast "a pall" over the game.

Before James Hodgkinson left his home in Belleville, Ill., in March, he sold almost everything he owned from his businesses.

On Wednesday night, Trump, accompanied by first lady Melania Trump, visited Scalise at the hospital.

When he left, she said, Hodgkinson told her he was going to Washington, D.C.to "work with people to change the tax brackets". Two Capitol Police officers sustained relatively minor injuries.

The driver was arrested for failure to obey an order and assault with a risky weapon.

It emerged Hodgkinson had a social media page filled with criticism of Republicans and the Trump administration.

Sava declined to put a timeline on when that would happen, or when Scalise, 51, would be able to leave the hospital.

On that day, a man later identified as the attacker approached Rep. Jeff Duncan of SC in the parking lot of the Alexandria, Virginia, ballfield, asking him, "Excuse me, sir, who's practicing today, Democrats or Republicans?" as Duncan recalls the encounter.