Curry, Durant committed to keeping Golden State on top

Friday, 23 Jun, 2017

Durant capped his spectacular first season with the Warriors by bringing home that coveted National Basketball Association championship he joined Golden State last July so determined to get, scoring 39 points in a fast-and-furious, Finals-clinching 129-120 victory over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5 on Monday night.

Kevin Durant's mom Wanda, aka The Real MVP, made an appearance on ESPN's First Take this morning to come face to face with Stephen A. Smith, one of the many people who criticized her son's decision to leave OKC in favor of forming a superteam in the Bay Area.

One year after winning their first-ever NBA Championship in seven games against the Golden State Warriors, the Cleveland Cavaliers lost the trilogy meeting in the 2017 NBA Finals in just five games.

If we consider just players who won at least two MVP awards, the list becomes even more exclusive, with just ten players, including Curry.

Durant said he has “no question” in his mind he will be back with the Warriors. Yes, Bryant is ahead on the ring count, but team achievements are just that, and LeBron lapped him in individual accolades years ago.

Durant, an eight-time All-Star who only needed a ring to cement his superstar status, scored 39 points in a championship-clinching 129-120 victory and averaged 35.2 points and 8.4 rebounds in these Finals.

"We learned from everything we've been through", Curry said during the trophy celebration.

They are called the Golden State Warriors, but they don't belong to all of California. The Cavs had a chance to win game three as the game was winding down, but the gave the game away via Kevin Durant three-point bomb. "Crazy to think about the conversations we had this summer and going into the year about how we can both mesh and do what we do and see it come to life in this series". He was incredible all season long. "I'm not in the front office, but I know our front office is going to continue to try to put our ball club, put our franchise in a position where we can compete for a championship year in and year out". I'm just so happy Kevin has broken through.

Your nightly LeBron James #NBAFinals dunk! "So a championship is just a cherry on top".

"I need to sit down and figure this thing out", James said, via ESPN's Rachel Nichols.

"I had a letdown previous year", Green said. "I was like, 'Okay, we left everything on the floor and it still wasn't enough'". I've been able to accomplish that individually. I have no reason to look back at what I could have done or what I shouldn't have done or what I could have done better for the team.