Draft is next up during NBA's dizzying days of deals

Saturday, 24 Jun, 2017

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That did not happen in Washington, at least for the season Fultz was there.

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NEW YORK (AP) - Markelle Fultz is still expected to be the No. 1 pick, though the destination has changed. ESPN's Ramona Shelburne reported on Monday that the Lakers were looking to acquire another lottery pick on top of their No. 2 selection.

Despite not working out for the Boston Celtics, projected top 5 draft pick Josh Jackson is open to playing in Boston. Tell us what your favorite team is, who you want your team to pick, what you think the top 5 picks are going to be, or anything National Basketball Association draft related. That means Jackson could be taken at No. 3 by the Celtics, but by not working out with them, could that cause him to be skipped over?

The Boston Celtics recently traded their No. 1 pick to the Philadelphia 76ers, who are expected to select 6-foot-4 guard Markelle Fultz of Washington, an insider told the Associated Press. "Even in my conversations with him when we came up to Philly on Saturday, it was very positive and I just felt like - even back then - I felt like it was the best place for him to be". There's not a guy in the draft that will out-compete him; there's no way.

On Sunday, the teams made a decision to swap picks with the Sixers now holding the rights to the number one overall pick and the Celtics now taking the three spot. What Isaac is not is a playmaker, but Brad Stevens' system should not require him to do anything but score, rebound, and stretch the floor.

"And I think they got a chance to fight maybe for the eighth spot. It happens nearly every year, so I wasn't shocked about it".

Meanwhile, to give you an idea of how surreal this all has become, a coach from yet another team said that if you asked 10 different clubs what Ainge wanted, you'd get 10 different answers. "They really liked me". But if the Lakers want Lonzo - and it seems they do after trading point guard D'Angelo Russell to Brooklyn - they won't be turned off by LaVar. "Nobody went in thinking we were going to lose that many games", Fultz said recently after a workout with the Los Angeles Lakers. "They said they love my dad and left it at that". She says Fultz has remained grounded despite the circus atmosphere.

"We're getting the player we want".

Three months after he had packed up and left his college apartment in the middle of the spring semester, Simmons was selected No. 1 overall by the Philadelphia 76ers. The league's two most storied National Basketball Association franchises came away with the top two picks, the Celtics #1 and the Lakers with the 2nd overall pick. His passing is a plus but with last years number one pick Ben Simmons coming back from injury this year, Fultz will likely play the off guard position while Simmons will assume the Point-Forward that has become so popular in National Basketball Association offenses.