Derek Carr: I'll hand it to Marshawn on 1-yard line

Tuesday, 27 Jun, 2017

With Raiders quarterback Derek Carr commemorating his new contract by throwing shade at the Seahawks for the decision to throw and not run from the one in Super Bowl XLIX, the Oakland offense will now be scrutinized whenever it progresses toward the end zone. That's when the Panthers could begin discussions about reworking Newton's deal.

How does Carr's deal affect the Panthers' Cam Newton?

Mack is entering the final season of his rookie deal and the Raiders have already picked up his fifth-year option for 2018.

According to published reports, Carr receives $40 million guaranteed and he also has a $30.2 million injury guarantee. The Colts quarterback signed a five-year, $122.9 million extension last year, which Carr has now exceeded. Wilson also is likely to fall further behind Cousins (who is expected to be tagged for at least $28.73 million next season, sign a new deal with Washington topping that number or move on elsewhere) and possibly Rodgers, who the Packers may have to do something with sooner rather than later.

Still, whether his next deal is with the Vikings or if Bradford hits the free agent market, it wouldn't be surprising to see his asking price approach the $25 million per year range.

Debates will rage over Bradford's statistics and whether his QB rating was boosted by short passes, but there's no questioning the fact that Carr had better circumstances last season with one of the league's elite offensive lines and an explosive trio of running backs. They have money to burn anyway, thanks to Reggie McKenzie's multi-year rebuilding project that landed players like Carr, Khalil Mack, Amari Cooper and more, so it doesn't put a crimp in their long-term plans to pay Carr big money. But it was Carr's focus not to rob the Raiders of their ability to continue rewarding their young talent.

"Just knowing that we can go down there and make a difference and help, those are the kind of things that the money makes me kind of like, 'Oh, my gosh.' Because now we can really do some things to help a lot of people".

"All of my teammates to a man said, 'Man you work your tail off, you deserve it, '" Carr said. "I don't feel like I deserve it".

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has brought up a painful memory for Seahawks fans. That led to a series of comical exchanges in which Carr took advantage of Mahanke's less-than-willing generosity.

"When we played Oakland, it was a different team".

This was the first of many close-call games by the 2016 Oakland Raiders, and Carr was the one constant in all of them. This has allowed the team to have a very flexible situation with their cap hit and has made their off-season signings more than eligible. "To have him a part of this organization is truly a blessing for me".