Laura Ingraham Backs Away From Sean Spicer's Job

Thursday, 29 Jun, 2017

You know, it just strikes me that [White House press secretary] Sean Spicer, Karen, still can not answer the question as to whether he thinks Russian Federation meddled.

Reports circulated Monday that the White House is considering moving Spicey into a "more senior role focused on strategy" and interviewing potential replacements.

Spicer's first TV appearance as press secretary came on January 21, when he came to the press room to deliver a statement that chided reporters on the way that they characterized the size of the inauguration crowds. Colbert points out. As it turns out, there may be another reason for the camera ban, according to Steve Bannon - Bannon claimed in a text message simply that "Sean got fatter". "I can't stay mad at you if you're out of my sight for a couple of minutes because I lack object permanence", said Colbert in his Trump impression.

Soon after Atlantic reporter Rosie Gray published her story with Bannon's (maybe joking?) comment, former first daughter and salty social media user Chelsea Clinton quickly called out Bannon's comment as "fat shaming".

"Supposedly, Spicer isn't actually being fired", explained Colbert.

Spicer is far too easy to make fun of, so in a way, I'm going to miss having him around.

In December, Trump's team attacked members of the intelligence community who concluded that the Russians sought to help Trump during the election by releasing hacked campaign emails from Democrats. "I have a legal background, strategic, you know, political communications and planning".

Fallon introduced a fake clip of what the White House is looking for in a press secretary.

The announcement came as a surprise to many, especially considering that for nearly the entirety of the Trump administration, there have been grumblings that President Donald Trump didn't approve of Spicer's performance and wanted to replace him.

As The Telegraph reports, Sean Spicer has previously given his own justification on why he has been prohibiting the recordings and choosing to go off-camera instead.

While it may have been a joke, it seems like an odd response to a very serious issue.