Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro Offers an Extra Dose of insane

Sunday, 02 Jul, 2017

Two years ago, Aston Martin announced the wild and insane Vulcan, a specialty track toy of which only 24 were handcrafted into existence as instant legends. However, that hasn't stopped AMR, the carmaker's performance sub-brand, from developing an upgrade package for the track-only supercar. The company confirmed that it will be made available for all the Vulcan owners, only 24 of them to be precise and they will be able to experience the additional speed it has to render.

So, what do you get with the AMR package?

Aston has also re-tuned the gearbox, shortening the ratios for even more brutal acceleration. That's more than a 600-foot-pounds increase over the standard vehicle, and almost 700 foot-pounds more than the Vantage GTE-Pro that won this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans. The combined effect of all aerodynamic modifications has seen the cars torque considerably increase - from the Vulcan's standard 3150Nm to the AMR pro's 4000Nm. The nose section too has been tweaked to help keep it pinned while driving on the track. Aerodynamic improvements include louvered panels above the front wheels, large canards flanking the noise and turning vanes on the front splitter.

The AMR Pro package brings a new dual plane design rear wing to the Vulcan's business end, which comes with a 20 mm "Gurney" flap that maximizes the amount of downforce. A 20mm gurney flap has also been added to the wing's trailing edge to round off the new aero features. Oh, and by the way, the engine cover is 5 kilos lighter than on the regular model. Aston Martin is now offering an AMR Pro performance pack with tech derived from the automaker's Le Mans-winning racecars.

Once we'd built and delivered all 24 Vulcans we started thinking about how to make it quicker. Turner said Aston Martin focused a lot on making sure the Vulcan was very driveable, despite its high power output, and things that carried over into the development of the AMR upgrade.