Police reveal '87 recoveries' of human remains made from Grenfell Tower

Thursday, 06 Jul, 2017

Meanwhile police investigating the fire have recovered 87 sets of human remains but can not confirm they are from 87 individuals.

In particular, many residents of the block remain in hotel accommodation, despite a government promise to rehouse them.

100% of profits from the week will go the fund to help victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. It is one of the biggest investigations in the Met's history.

Some 21 bodies have so far been formally identified, with victims including a six-month-old baby, her eight-year-old sister and their parents, who lived on the 20th floor. Allied said it was satisfied that the Grenfell Tower system was maintained in accordance with all requirements, and that all evidence "presented to date" indicates it worked as it was created to.

Commander Stuart Cundy told reporters on Wednesday that police had "forensically recovered the last of the visible human remains".

"We are absolutely determined to do all we can as quickly as we can to return all those who are in Grenfell Tower to their loved ones".

However, he repeated that, tragically, police may not be able to find or identify all those who lost their lives.

The Communities Secretary Sajid Javid had previously guaranteed that no one who illegally sublet a flat in the tower block will be protected if they come forward with information.

A spokesperson for Hackney Council said: "In 2014, Hackney Council's Audit and Anti-Fraud team received allegations of fraud and overcharging relating to works carried out by Lakehouse".

"We assume that sadly no-one from any of those flats survived".

"Until formal identification has been completed to the coroner's satisfaction, I can not say how many people have now been recovered", he said.

Lotifa Begum, co-ordinator for the charity Muslim Aid, told the Press Association that some who attended the meeting were angry and upset and others had to leave due to being overwhelmed.

The Grenfell Response Team admitted today that only 14 of the 158 families evacuated from the tower and nearby Grenfell Walk had accepted offers of temporary accommodation. I am trying to be as flexible as I can.

As reports condemning the Government for failing to move swiftly on rehousing residents, Sharma added: "We need to respect that".

The announcement comes on the day the British government appointed a task force to take over parts of the Kensington and Chelsea local council in response to its admitted failings in the wake of the tragedy. The council leader and chief executive have resigned.