Nintendo Switch Online Smartphone App Launches On 21st July

Saturday, 08 Jul, 2017

Nintendo has announced that it will release Splatoon 2 content updates for "around a year" - before that, however, we'll get our final timed demo in the form of the game's first Splatfest. The version of the app launching on July 21 will have limited features, and at this point only appears to support Splatoon 2 (it's even dubbed "SplatNet 2"), though expanded functionality and game compatibility down the road are implicit. Underneath that layer of kid-friendly violence, however, lies a fast-paced game that has enough depth to appeal to adults.

The first Splatoon 2 Splatfest will start on July 15th. Also, there is a chat option for the players to connect with the other players in the team. Duelies have also seen to work with a new dodge roll capability that will help you to get out of the way of an attack before returning fire yourself.

Today's Nintendo Direct focused on upcoming sequel Splatoon 2.

This added variety could help Splatoon 2 succeed where its predecessor stumbled. Additionally, Nintendo plans to hold regular Splatfests competitions in the game for two years after its release. Just how fresh are you?

SplatNet 2 is a new mobile app that integrates with Splatoon 2. Everything can be easily regulated with the help of the app.

While the PS4 and Xbox One just needs you to plug in a headset to chat with friends online, with the Switch you have to download a smartphone app.

Whether other current games will use the Nintendo Switch Online app in similar ways to Splatoon 2 remains to be seen.

One of Splatoon's most memorable features were the Miiverse drawings that players displayed in the lobby. Maybe everyone will be pleasantly surprised by the setup.

Splatfests are events hosted by the Squid Sisters where players have to choose a side to represent as they battle it out against the other team. Besides TV and handheld, players can also play it in tabletop mode, online, and local multiplayer. This early Splatfest's theme is cake vs. ice cream.