Trump, with Putin, predicts 'positive things' for US, Russia

Monday, 10 Jul, 2017

US President Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto hold a meeting on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, on July 7, 2017.

"I can not stress enough how valuable the US-Mexico relationship is to each of our nations", he said.

But as the two men were ending the press conference a reporter asked President Trump asking if he still meant to have Mexico pay for the proposed wall, created to keep illegal aliens out of the United States.

This statement about the wall came after both Presidents shared remarks, fairly non-adversarial and optimistic in nature, regarding the relationship between the two nations particularly in regards to trade and immigration - two hot topics throughout Trump's campaign and the presidency.

Pena Nieto will also talk about the rights of Mexican migrants in the United States, the ministry said.

Trump has threatened to impose punitive tariffs on Mexican goods to protect U.S. industry, and to pull out of NAFTA altogether if he can not rework it in the United States' favor.

The 1994 trade deal is a cornerstone of the Mexican economy, but Trump blames it for shipping American jobs south of the border.

According to a spokesman for Mr Peña Nieto, however, Mr Trump did not broach the subject during their ensuing talks.

Nafta negotiations are scheduled to start in August and expectations are the trade treaty will be tweaked rather than ripped up, which may explain Pena Nieto's apparent eagerness to avoid open confrontation.

"And if we don't get it, we will terminate, that is, end NAFTA forever", he said in the video.

The Mexican president's spokesman Eduardo Sanchez phoned in to Mexian radio station Radio Formula to say the two leaders did not discuss the proposed wall.

In the meantime, issues such as Trump's border wall remain sensitive.

"I acknowledged to my counterpart that America's insatiable appetite for drugs is the cause of much of the turmoil on both sides of the border", Kelly said.