Charlie Gard's Mom Says Trump, Pope Attention 'Saved' Him

Tuesday, 11 Jul, 2017

This denial of the parent's desire to seek treatment for their son elsewhere led to several court rulings - in favor of the hospital.

The hospital has requested that the information be presented to the court, although Great Ormond Street said in a statement on Friday that its position had not changed.

Reverend Patrick Mahoney was initially barred from entering Gard's room despite coming on invitation from Gard's parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, according to Daily Mail.

The courts had ruled that keeping the baby on life support would only prolong his suffering as there was no hope of him recovering from his extremely rare form of mitochondrial disease, which causes progressive muscle weakness, including in key organs such as the heart.

The U.K. High Court agreed to give Gard's case a new trial in light of new evidence concerning nucleoside bypass therapy presented by two global hospitals. It has also been supported "unequivocally" by some of the world's most distinguished clinicians and scientists, GOSH previously said.

On Sunday, July 9, Charlie's parents delivered a petition to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London containing more than 350,000 signatures, calling for Charlie to be transferred.

Charlie has a hereditary condition known as infantile-onset mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome (MDDS), and is reportedly unable to breathe without the help of a ventilator. "The hospital did allow me to go pray with Charlie". And on Sunday, his parents handed in a 350,000-signature petition calling for their son to travel to the USA for treatment.

Parents of terminally ill Charlie Gard says their son deserves a chance and should be allowed to receive treatment in the US.

The 11-month-old's parents have been in a protracted legal battle with hospital doctors, who said the experimental treatment the couple have argued Charlie should receive will not help. Although he said that "no judge has a better understanding of the case" than he has, it was important that there was no "perception of unfairness" when the final decision is made. "They're all getting stronger", Yates said.

Ms Yates added that she hoped judges would listen to experts and "give us a chance". The hospital also offered to send the drug to Great Ormond Street Hospital - the British hospital where Charlie is being treated - if approved, the Post added.

Mr Gard said there is no evidence Charlie has "catastrophic brain damage".

Pope Francis and Donald Trump both spoke in support of Yates and Charlie's father, Chris Gard, soon after they lost their appeal to the European court of human rights at the end of last month.

"Our doctors have explored every medical treatment, including experimental nucleoside therapies", it said.

On Sunday, British justice secretary said that the United Kingdom government won't be playing a role in the ultimate decision of Charlie Gard's continued care.

The lord chancellor, David Lidington, expressed sympathy with the judges involved in the "heartwrenching" case when asked on Sky News' Ridge On Sunday whether it was right that judges could overrule the wishes of Charlie's parents.