Oculus Rift and Touch massively discounted to £399 in summer sale

Tuesday, 11 Jul, 2017

The Sony PlayStation VR costs $400, but the cost rises to $460 when purchased with motion controllers and a mandatory sensor camera. This is almost half the launch price of the same package since December. Making this a great time to pick up this virtual reality headset.

The social media giant purchased Oculus for $2 billion and shelled out another $1 billion for employee retention bonuses and other deals. The problem now is that with SSD and memory prices continuing to rise due to supply shortages, and those pesky cyrptocurrency miners buying up all the graphics cards, inflating prices significantly.

At this point, there are more than 500 titles available on Rift. Until past year, the Oculus Rift was priced at $600, and after adding the Touch Controller, the price jumped to $200.

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The HTC Vive, which is seen by many as the Rift's most direct competitor, is still retailing for $799 at the time of writing. This doesn't include the hundreds of mobile headsets that are coming out from the likes of LG, Samsung, and Qualcomm. Still that move didn't have the desired effect which prompted Oculus in May to shutter its virtual reality content production unit Story Studio and instead go with third party content. What began as a Kickstarter campaign a few years ago has received mostly positive reviews since its launch last March.

Aside from quality content, getting the cost down is key to the long term success of virtual reality and Oculus is well aware of that, but the recent price drops suggest that sales have been sluggish. With its comfortable ergonomic design, high-quality lenses with a wide field of view, high-resolution OLED displays, and six degrees of freedom that let you move around and explore, Rift is VR at its finest.

Of course, it's important to keep in mind that you can't simply dive into VR just by picking up this bundle.