Ivanka's life would be 'so much easier' if she weren't my daughter

Thursday, 13 Jul, 2017

Quickly, the internet took notice of Trump's seat swap after Svetlana Lukash, the Russian G20 sherpa, tweeted out the photo seen above of Trump sitting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and British Prime Minister Theresa May.

In case you missed it, Miz Trump briefly took her father's seat at a summit with world leaders on Saturday as POTUS had to step away for a sit down with the Indonesian president Joko Widodo and others.

But Twitter's having none of it. Nevertheless, her involvement raised questions about why the first daughter - who wasn't elected to office herself - was representing the president at a summit for world leaders.

While others have shared their doubt about the whole Merkel agreeing claim. "It would never have occurred to my mother or my father to ask me", she wrote. "It's very well known that she works at the White House and is also engaged in certain initiatives".

Trump was assumedly defending his daughter following the G20 Summit this weekend in Hamburg, Germany.

Trump immediately faced criticism for the move, as seats at the G20 are typically held by high-ranking state officials.

USA ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley also defended the president's daughter, pointing Ivanka had sat in on meetings with her and Trump.

When Clinton says that neither of her parents would think to even ask her to take their place on the world stage, she's right.

Clinton was quick to fire back with the blistering words: "Good morning Mr. President".

Not surprisingly, the president launched a passionate defense of his daughter, an official but unpaid assistant to her father. One of his frequent, seemingly favorite targets is Hillary Clinton, considering how much blame he's laid at her feet in during his 140-character tantrums.

The fund cements the World Bank's ties to the Trump family at a time when President Donald Trump's administration has questioned the wisdom of financing poor countries and emerging markets with US cash.

Donald, in a separate tweet, called the arrangement "very standard" and also noted that German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was hosting the G20 summit, agreed. "It might be the only bad thing she has going if you want to know the truth".