Wonder Woman May Be Set in the 80s, Bring Chris Pine Back

Thursday, 13 Jul, 2017

"Wonder Woman 2" has been recently reported to be set in another timeline. Jenkins return, however, isn't official yet.

Screen Rant also claim they've heard Gadot's co-star Chris Pine might return as his character Steve Trevor for the sequel, which is a wee bit surprising given what happened to him in the recent film.

"Wonder Woman" has enjoyed great success in the box office since the movie's premiere, and so far has earned over US$745 million (S$1.03 billion) worldwide. DC has yet to reveal any details and director Patty Jenkins has not been signed on to the sequel.

But Reynolds does not have much to worry about despite Wonder Woman's success.

Gal Gadot in "Wonder Woman" Warner Bros. It overcame the odds, beating back any notion that a female-driven superhero movie would sell as well as one revolving around dudes. You can bet we'll be watching closely.

Viewers may recall that Steve Trevor sacrificed his life in "Wonder Woman" to save the world. Because this would be way, way too Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes-esque-a figure beloved to the hero secretly corrupted by the (Soviet) enemy. "Patty and I are writing the treatment right now, ' DC Films" Geoff Johns told Variety. Or filmmakers could pull a fast one on us and have Pine portray a descendant of Steve Trevor, which was something that was rumored awhile back before the first Wonder Woman went into production.

Since Justice League takes place nearly an entire century after the events of Wonder Woman and World War I, that means there are decades of stories worth exploring in future sequels. As such, it certainly makes sense for WB to pursue another Wonder Woman film with the same team. Convinced that she can stop the threat, Diana leaves her home for the first time.