India refused China offer of meditation

Суббота, 15 Июл, 2017

Expressing concern over the mounting tension between India and Pakistan, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang on Wednesday had said "the conflict occurred near the Line of Control of Kashmir".

"The basic goal was to apprise MPs from different parties of situation on terrorist attack on Amarnath Yatris on July 10 and situation in Sikkim sector", DG PIB Frank Noronha said after the meeting.

However, the commentary in Xinhua news agency seemed to reject India's overture, saying there was no room for talks until Indian troops vacated Doklam - a disputed territory between China and Bhutan.

In the meeting, the government also briefed opposition parties on the situation in Jammu and Kashmir where seven Amarnath pilgrims were killed by militants in Anantnag.

Two American nuclear experts have claimed that India is modernising its atomic arsenal keeping China's nuclear strategy in mind.

It has now been 26 days the standoff between India and China continues, China has stated that withdrawal of Indian troops from Chinese territory is the only way to solve this matter amicably. Azad also said that all opposition parties have assured the government that when it comes to territorial integrity of the country they all stand united. "I would like to confine myself to what is the approach of the Government of India, what is our thinking in terms of addressing a situation, a dispute that we are dealing with right now".

"India has to know (that) illegal stay of its troops in Doklam will by no means force a fait accompli there, and that it has to change mind before things go even worse". Then I said that diplomatic channels remain available... The Marxist leader said the "present border fracas" has assumed "greater salience" given the growing number of issues on which the two countries have differences, which he added, have "aggravated" after the Modi-led government was formed in 2014.

"The Sikkim section has a special historical background and this is only defined boundary between India and China". A Bhutanese analyst based in the capital sees no threat to diplomatic relations between India and Bhutan that were formally established in 1968 with the appointment of a resident representative of India in Thimphu. Sources said that the Foreign Secretary assured the Opposition leaders that the Government is taking appropriate steps to the protect country's interests on the ongoing stand-off with China.