Amazon to develop its own messaging app

Monday, 17 Jul, 2017

E-commerce giant Amazon appears to be planning for its own full-featured, standalone messaging app called Anytime.

The Anytime app is now under testing and the company is also conducting surveys to get feedback from Amazon service users, AFTV News reported citing one of the Amazon customer, who took the survey.

The report also mentioned that the app will lay focus on messaging, voice and video calls (both individual and group), media sharing with access to photo and video filters.

Anytime messaging app claimed to keep chats private with message encryption and will allow users to chat with businesses, make reservations and allow users to shop, the report added. And Amazon hints that users will be able to reach their friends simply by using their first names. After dominating in that segment, Amazon had launched the Alexa-powered Echo speaker and that too became a relatively big success. The Amazon Anytime app is said to be launched soon. The market has several apps that dominate the instant messaging and chat field, thus making it hard for a new entrant, even with backing from big names such as Google Allo.

The site also uploaded an image about Amazon's expected platform.

But Amazon will have to show it can offer something genuinely fresh and appealing if it expects to convince longtime users of rival platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to jump ship.

It's described as an all-in-one feature rich service and includes services from text messages to video chat. There are countless other companies that have carved niches for themselves in the mobile messaging arena.

In February the Seattle-based firm released a video conferencing app called Amazon Chime.

Dubbed "Anytime", Amazon has already started surveying customers about what features they would most like to see in the service. We are already accustomed to using popular services like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, WeChat and others, however, rumors are afloat that there will be a new entrant in this already crowded market.